Why you need a vCIO

There are thousands of companies that are blossoming around the San Francisco Bay area. This means that there thousands of companies in need of technical support. Though some companies continue to manage their IT services internally, others will invest in a virtual CIO by an outside consulting team. Business owners trust IT consultants in the bay area to provide strategic roadmaps that will help their company accomplish each business goal.

A Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is a company that’s hired to serve technology solutions to other small and medium-sized businesses. A VCIO takes on the role that is traditionally performed by CIOs and other IT executives.


Nowadays, information technology reigns as one of the most critical priorities for an office. A vCIO is a vital support service that almost all businesses will contract out. They develop strategic plans that will set companies up for long-term success.

How Do vCIO’s Help?

You might be wondering, “what exactly does a vCIO do?” A vCIO’s duties include:

Digital Execution

Virtual CIOs are also complete digital strategists. They usually work alongside CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, and other company directors to develop a digital strategy that enhances the company’s online presence.

Research and Development

A vCIO is an expert in the latest trends in technology. Expect your vCIO to keep your company updated with insight and research that revolves around new technologies.

Strategic Planning

Consulting services will establish a technology roadmap that correlates with your company’s long-term goals. An effective IT strategy roadmap is a blueprint equipped with strategies about new technologies and the value they can bring to your office.

Project Management and Budgeting

During this phase, you’ll receive much more than just a measly quote. Virtual consultants analyze costs, value, and risks that are associated with information technology. Based on this analysis, a trusted consulting firm will suggest action routes that are best-fit for the company’s technology initiatives.

Network Security

Security threats are critical concerns for the vCIO. A vCIO will oversee the technical infrastructure of the entire organization. This ensures that all technology is safe, secure, and performs at optimal levels.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

The vCIO will always step in when threatening issues damage an office’s software or hardware. When a cyber attack strikes a small business, your vCIO will use a backup and disaster recovery strategy that mitigates data loss, eliminates duplicated or corrupted data, and establishes plans to preserve your data storage. Hopefully, you don’t have to face a crisis like this, but should any of these threats appear, your vCIO is prepared to tackle the issue head-on.


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