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That Means CMMC Compliance Support Services

The world of cybersecurity compliance is full of acronyms. Chances are, many in your organization or industry may not even be aware of the specific type of cybersecurity compliance regulations to which you are beholden to comply. Let’s start there.

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What Does CMMC Stand for, and What Is CMMC Compliance?

What Does CMMC Stand for, and What Is CMMC Compliance?

CMMC stands for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. It is a set of regulations and requirements established by the Department of Defense, and it applies to anyone in the defense industry, including defense contractors and their subcontractors.

Take Heed: When It Comes to CMMC Compliance, You Need Not Go It Alone.

The best way to ensure that your defense company or organization is CMMC compliant is to strengthen your own lines of defense by strategically aligning with an expert in cybersecurity compliance, like ITque. While we have no illusions that any organization can be completely immune to experiencing a cyberattack, our Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity means we will set you up with the best possible defense.

ITque Defense Tactics

Here’s what an ITque Zero Trust approach looks like when engaged:

  • We design and execute a thorough internal CMMC compliance audit that provides us with a baseline of your organization’s CMMC compliance readiness.
  • We conduct in-depth interviews with all stakeholders, from management to front-line employees.
  • Next, we develop a gap analysis that identifies weaknesses in your CMMC compliance readiness and what you need to do to shore it up to meet the stringent security requirements of the Department of Defense.
  • We develop a detailed, comprehensive plan of action, along with timelines, and gain alignment from all key stakeholders
  • We recommend the most appropriate security products, solutions, policies, procedures, documentation and controls for your specific CMMC compliance requirements as determined by our gap analysis.
  • We then help you implement all of the above, as well as train all relevant staff members and provide 24/7/365 management.
  • We conduct reviews every quarter and generate the reporting and attestation documents required by the Department of Defense to ensure that not only are you currently accountable and compliant with the DoD’s evolving CMMC cybersecurity requirements. We help ensure that you remain compliant in safeguarding the DoD’s sensitive information with which the DoD entrusts to you.

Cybersecurity is a top priority for the Department of Defense.

While you may feel this goes without saying, the line above is front and center on the Department of Defense’s website on its CMMC page ( The content in this section goes on to say, “The Defense Industrial Base (DIB) is the target of more frequent and complex cyberattacks. To protect American ingenuity and national security information, the DoD developed the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 program to reinforce the importance of DIB cybersecurity for safeguarding the information that supports and enables our warfighters.”

If this isn’t reason enough to give you pause about the severity and increased frequency of potential cybersecurity threats to our national security, you need only to read recent headlines to better understand the barrage of security compromises to government and private industries alike these days. That is why it is more critical than ever for Defense Industrial Base (DIB) partner companies that provide services to the Department of Defense collaboratively get – and stay – in a heightened state of readiness when it comes to CMMC compliance.

Defend Against Cyberattacks With ITque.

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and also more brazen every day. Our national defense is the last place to give them any type of potential opening. At ITque, we understand the importance that compliance can play in minimizing your risks, and that most definitely includes CMMC compliance. So let us serve as your first line of defense. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are a boutique quality managed IT and compliance services provider serving the Bay Area, greater Los Angeles, and Dallas/Fort Worth. We pride ourselves in developing innovative, customized, and industry-specific technology services and solutions for today’s ever-changing and ever-challenging world. 

Defend Against Cyberattacks With ITque