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Why Should You Be Concerned About the Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?

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Consumers were given more control over the personal information a business can collect about them through the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, which was created to enhance consumer privacy rights. Businesses should know exactly what these regulations mean in order to be compliant and protect consumer data. Does yours?

Many small to medium-sized businesses simply do not have the resources to be on top of CCPA compliance issues that are meant to protect not only consumers' personal information, but businesses, as well. ITque is a CCPA compliance service provider that does. And we take the California Consumer Privacy Act seriously.

What Is CCPA Compliance? Here Are Some Of The Most Critical Reasons To Partner With Experienced Professionals Who Can Provide The Right Answer – And The Right Guidance.

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Consumers Have the Right to Know and Have Their Consumer Data Be Protected.

At ITque, we understand the regulations determining personal information a business collects about its consumers, how it can be used and shared, and that consumers’ privacy rights are protected according to CCPA regulations. Consumers also have the right to delete the personal information that has been collected from them, with some exceptions, as well as the right to opt-out from businesses selling their personal information. If and when they exercise their rights, they cannot be discriminated against by law.

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CCPA Compliance Means That Privacy Notices Are a Requirement.

There are particular notices that many businesses must provide consumers that outline their privacy policies, and data brokers are included. Prior to or at the point that personal information is collected from consumers, they have the right to ask exactly what personal information is being collected from them and what will be done with the data collected.

ITque Is the Right Answer for Your CCPA Compliance Requirements, CCPA Compliance Solutions, and CCPA Consulting Services.

In order to make sure your business is (or will be) compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act, we first perform an internal audit of your business to identify risks and assess where things stand with how you're currently addressing your consumers' personal information and data protection. We interview the appropriate stakeholders and then create a Gap Analysis for your data privacy readiness as it relates to California residents and their data protection. We then determine what needs to be done to remediate the protection of California residents' personal information and work with management to create a Plan of Action framework.

The ability to maintain reasonable security procedures that result in consumers' data protection is dependent on the right compliance products, solutions, policies and procedures that will enable the deployment of the Plan of Action. We will train the appropriate staff prior to deployment and perform ongoing quarterly reviews with detailed reporting and guidance on any course correction you need to take to stay compliant.

The right compliance business or service provider knows that compliance in general is an ongoing initiative, and general data protection regulation evolves over time. ITque provides the guidance your business needs to be completely CCPA compliant for California residents who are your valued consumers. We also demonstrate that a Zero Trust approach (never trust; always verify) to IT compliance and security doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. Let us demonstrate how we can make your business CCPA compliant and data privacy a priority.

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