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The Cybersecurity Challenge for Small Businesses

Many small businesses struggle with cybersecurity because they lack the budget to hire a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). In many cases, they are fortunate to have even an IT manager. Even if they have an IT expert, they may not be fully aware of their entire security posture or the gaps that exist within their infrastructure.

Third-Party Verification: A Necessity

This is where third-party verification becomes crucial. It ensures that all aspects of the business’s cybersecurity are thoroughly assessed and addressed. Independent evaluations by cybersecurity professionals can uncover vulnerabilities that internal teams might miss.

Insurance Agents: Trusted Advisors, Not IT Experts

Insurance agents are trusted advisors in risk management but are not expected to be IT experts. Navigating a technical sale can be challenging when neither the agent nor the business owner has extensive technical knowledge. This can lead to checkbox compliance & disastrous consequences.

Introducing the Cyber Insurance Partner Program

Benefit: Simplifying Complex Conversations

To bridge this gap, we developed the Cyber Partner Program. Our program equips insurance agents with the basic knowledge to discuss cybersecurity needs with business owners confidently. They can then rely on our team of experts to conduct detailed vulnerability assessments and provide comprehensive solutions.

  • Enhance Credibility: Position yourself as a knowledgeable advisor without needing deep technical expertise.
  • Ensure Compliance: Help your clients meet all necessary cybersecurity and insurance underwriting requirements.
  • Peace of Mind: Rely on our specialists to handle the technical details, ensuring thorough and accurate security assessments.


Training and Certification:

How the Cyber Partner Program Works

  • Description: We train insurance agents and brokers, not to become IT experts but to have basic conversations with business owners about their security posture, then turn it over to us to do a proper vulnerability analysis.
  • Benefit: Become a trusted advisor in cybersecurity, enhancing your professional credibility. Ensure that your clients actually meet the underwriting requirements of the provider.

Vulnerability Assessments:

  • Description: Schedule vulnerability assessments for your clients through our easy-to-use portal. Our experts will conduct thorough evaluations, identifying potential threats and providing actionable recommendations.
  • Benefit: Help your clients meet underwriting requirements and prevent compliance issues.

Why Join the Cyber Partner Program?

  • Enhance Client Trust:  By offering advanced cybersecurity solutions, you build trust with your clients, positioning yourself as a valuable partner in their business.
  • Additional Revenue Stream:  Earn commissions for every referral and vulnerability assessment scheduled through our program.
  • Easy Integration:  Seamlessly integrate our services into your existing offerings with minimal effort and maximum impact.
  • Marketing and Sales Support: Gain access to exclusive marketing services and sales support to help you promote and sell cybersecurity insurance and services.


Ready to Get Started??

Join the ITque Cyber Partner Program today and start offering your clients unparalleled cybersecurity solutions. Protect their businesses, enhance your services, and boost your revenue.