Network Protection

Network Security is a multi-faceted issue.

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The network literally touches everything and is used by everyone.

Securing the network backbone devices as well as monitoring how the network is being used are a critical aspect of IT Security.  As with all other aspects of IT Security there are an endless array of solutions for every need and to fit every budget.

We can help you make the right choices by providing non-partisan analysis and reviews based on our hands on experience deploying and managing nearly every flavor of hardware that exists.  And if it’s something we haven’t used before, we’ll research it on your behalf and let you know what we find.  Call us and see if you can stump us!

Network devices create a lot of logs.  Aggregating that information into meaningful and actionable data is most often an idea associated with using a SIEM solution or Syslog server with a focus on security issues.  Often overlooked, is a system and process for monitoring and managing the network usage.  Further, there are many cases where deploying a complete SIEM solution is too expensive or is not a good fit for the requirements of the business.  We do either or both based on our clients needs.  Call us and let’s talk about your needs.