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Global Access

In today’s world, employees need to be able to access corporate databases and systems from anywhere. That means having an effective digital workplace solution can give you the power and flexibility to enable a global workforce.

Why Digital Workplaces?

Digital workplaces keep your workforce connected, whether on site or through the cloud, on nearly any device. VDIs make it easy to grant access to contractors, off-shore teams, or stakeholders who require remote access.

With years of experience implementing digital workplace solutions from industry leaders like Citrix Xenapp, Microsoft RDS and other Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs), ITque is the perfect choice to help you implement a custom solution.

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Reduce IT Costs

Digital workplaces provide you the option to encourage at home or remote work, minimizing the need to have and maintain a large physical workplace. VDIs also minimize your need for physical servers in your headquarters.

They can be run off cloud based servers, often deployed from an inexpensive desktop or laptop computer. Employees still have access to all the tools, systems and databases they need from their own homes. Security systems and updates can all be centrally managed.

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Increased Security

With important company data residing in a virtual environment, and not on the local host hard drive, should anything happen to an employee device there is no physical data to be retrieved. All your devices can be remotely locked, and wiped as necessary, preventing unauthorized access.

System security updates can all be uniformly managed and distributed to all devices in your digital workplace. Digital workplaces make it easy to monitor each device and adjust the level of access based on location or other factors.

Enable a World of Possibilities

With a digital workplace solution, you can empower your business to run smoothly to the ends of the earth.

Let ITque show you how to take advantage of technology to free your business from physical constraints.

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