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Remote and Smart
Hands Solutions

With more companies moving to colocation solutions for their data center needs, having access to remote or smart hands teams can provide tremendous responsiveness when offsite data center issues arise.

ITque offers both Remote and Smart hands solutions designed to help businesses support their IT needs with on demand help.

Remote Hands

Remote hands services help ease the burden of managing off site data centers by providing an on demand remote workforce to handle specific tasks that can be done remotely, without the need for a physical presence in the data center. Some of the tasks that remote hands are capable of include:

Why Remote Hands?

Remote hands solutions typically operate on a pay-to-play basis. This helps keep costs manageable by negating the need for a full time staff on site at a remote data center.

Remote hands teams are available on an as needed basis, allowing clients to hire remote hands for specific tasks.

Smart Hands

While the two designations are often interchangeable, smart hands services typically involve more complex tasks. Smart hands services often include tasks such as:

Why Smart Hands?

Like remote hands, smart hands services are available on demand and negate the need for a full time on site staff. Tasks are typically billed hourly, making smart hands a much more affordable solution for most companies.

Smart hands teams can be mobilized very rapidly as well, meaning you’ll always have someone ready to handle an emergency.

Remote and Smart Hands Services

ITque can provide both remote and smart hands services for your business.

Feel free to reach out so we can discuss your business needs in detail and craft a personalized solution for you!