Our Best Deal (Advice) of the Year: Make It Cybersecurity Day Every Day!

Cyber Security


Using a retail analogy, cybersecurity is its own deal, even if your business or organization has a reasonably knowledgeable internet technology department and an IT infrastructure, per se. What happens with many small- to medium-sized businesses, however, is they simply do not have the skill set within their IT department to manage cybersecurity in a way that truly protects your customers’ your sensitive data, personal and business information. If you think it’s difficult to find good help these days, imagine how challenging it is to find experienced internal resources in a highly specialized area such as cybersecurity – and resources that are loyal to your organization over the long run.


In order to underscore the importance of this especially critical component of IT, know that by the year 2025, some estimates indicate that cybercrime will cost businesses upwards of $10 trillion. (That’s trillion with a T, as in IT.)  Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated every day, such that cyberattacks are happening roughly every 39 minutes. 


Yet the costs of security breaches go well beyond the monetary.  They can have a negative impact on productivity, operations – even your reputation. Businesses simply cannot afford to leave themselves exposed to this increasingly intelligent type of criminal activity.


Cyber Security


When It Comes to Cybersecurity, What You Don’t Know Can Really Hurt You. But the Right Cybersecurity Managed Services Provider Can Really Help You.

If your IT resources are stretched too thin – and many are at even larger companies – an experienced cybersecurity managed services provider will prove to be indispensable and invaluable in minimizing your cybersecurity risks. First of all, they will provide the direction to develop the right protocols, policies, strategies and procedures to ensure that your data is protected from cyber breaches and that your business is in complete compliance when it comes to cybersecurity.  


At ITque We Are a Firm Believer in the Zero Trust Approach to Cybersecurity.  

ITque is a cybersecurity managed services partner that also understands that  a Zero Trust approach for an established business is not a small task that can be quite expensive, but it shouldn’t be. At ITque, it won’t be. Here are just a few of the ways we add value (and represent a good deal).


We Understand There Is No “Set It and Forget It” With Security Compliance (or Security in General, for That Matter).

Cybersecurity and privacy regulatory compliance groups are constantly revising their requirements, and the associated tools and processes are constantly evolving. This can be extremely challenging to navigate and stay up-to-date on with stretched internal resources. We consider this part of our day job…every day.


Cyber Security


Does It Surprise You That Email Is the Number One Attack Vector in the World for Cybercriminals?

It is, so it stands to reason that there are more solutions to protect email communication than any other form of communication. We guide you through the decision-making process around email tools, how to deploy them, email security basics, and managing all of this on an ongoing basis.


We Understand Potential Threats, How to Avoid Them Before They Materialize, and How to Develop the Least Disruptive/Real-Time Disaster Recovery Plans.

We help you make sense of the myriad of choices in cybersecurity with regard to managed cybersecurity detection and response. We make sure your business stays ahead of the game and that you have the most innovative, up-to-date monitoring tools available so that the system is watching out for, analyzing and identifying threats 24x7x365.


We Get the Managed Cybersecurity SIEM Value Proposition (SIEM = Security Information and Event Management).

SIEM’s value proposition is that it is meant to decrease your workload, and so we make sure it does. We serve as co-pilots in this endeavor by providing a security engineer from our team who will stay with you from start to finish if ever there is an issue so that you have real-time remediation services.


Network Security Solutions


The Network Touches All Things, and Our Managed Cybersecurity Network Protection Services Give It the Proper Respect.

We provide the guidance that enables you to arrive at the best, most cost-effective solutions for monitoring how your network is being used and securing its backbone devices through non-partisan analyses and hands-on experience. If by chance we haven’t used it before, we’ll do the research and present it to you in language that’s clear to understand and evaluate.


We Understand the Distinction Between Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Identity Access Management (IAM) and How, when and Why to Grant Either.

A robust Access Management is yet another component in a security first approach to cybersecurity, and we will work with you to develop one, avoiding any issues and pitfalls along the way. 


ITque Offers the Best in Comprehensive, Customizable, Technology Agnostic Managed Security Services and Network Security Solutions.

We also work with you to collaboratively develop the processes and policies that are going to make these services and solutions sustainable – and compliant – for your particular business or organization.  We are a boutique quality managed service provider in Silicon Valley, with a deep knowledge of the most innovative and effective cybersecurity measures and tools.  We offer guidance on everything you need to take control of and feel secure about your cybersecurity and data, 24x7x365.  


Serving the San Francisco Bay Area; greater Los Angeles area and Orange County; and Dallas-Ft. Worth, we provide all-inclusive services with a collaborative communication style and a security first approach for your business. If you have no current provider or are looking for a new cybersecurity managed services provider, contact us today to learn more about what ITque can do to help protect you.  We’re here to help make your cybersecurity tools the best they can be so that you and your team can operate at its best!