How to Change Your Windows 10 Password

Making the switch to Windows 10 brings many changes, compounding the stress that comes with a new operating system. In an effort to be proactive and ensure you have the simplest Windows 10 installation and experience possible, we have compiled a list of common issues new users encounter, and chief among them is changing or resetting your password. We’ll walk you through a step-by-step process on how to fix your password and continue on to your other tasks.


First of all, you should be changing your password regularly. Every one to four months, make sure to go in and change your password to keep yourself as protected as possible. Your business may have a predetermined schedule on when to change it, but if not, make sure you take things into your own hands. Don’t use previous passwords or variations of them, since they are easy to guess or use. Make it as difficult as you can, within reason. Don’t make your password something personal, either, such as your phone number. Have security questions in place in case you need to reset your forgotten password. Finally, try to keep a personal note or record of your current password somewhere safe and accessible only to you.


Now that we have the basics down, we can move into the process necessary to change your password.

1. In the search bar on the bottom, left-hand side of the screen, type “password”.
2. In the popup, select “Change Your Password”

Itque Step 1 | ITque

3. This will take you to the “Sign-in Options” page.
4. Now select, “Change” under the password section (near the bottom in the image below):

Itque Step 2 | ITque
5. To change your password, you’ll need to input your current password as a security measure. This measure is in place to ensure that should you leave your computer unattended, nobody can come by and change your password without your knowledge.

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6. Once you’ve entered the old password, you can now enter your new password twice. This is a security measure to ensure what you have entered the first time is correct and that you will be able to log in reliably once the password is changed.
7. Finally, hit Enter and you have successfully changed your password!


One less problem to worry about. Now that you have a new password in place, everything runs smoother. Plenty of issues can come up when you’re using a new operating system, but changing your password should never be a struggle.

ITque has a Tiny Tech Tidbit video that walks you through the process of changing your Windows 10 password, so take two minutes (literally) to watch it before you give it a try on your Windows 10 PC.

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