Go Ahead: Get Your Head in the Clouds

The Right Cloud Management Services Can Help.

Business today is in the cloud, so you need to make sure yours is, too. Even if you don’t know exactly what it means and are afraid to ask, there are managed cloud services providers that will elevate your head and your business into the right cloud space.


Cloud Migration Service Providers


In layman’s terms, cloud solutions – or cloud computing – is the delivery of computing services that are stored and can be accessed remotely via Internet servers, as opposed to being stored locally on your company’s hard drive (or on-premise).  The cloud applies to both software and services.  All you need is Internet access, and you’re able to access your files and virtually anything you would need that would have been on your company’s hard drive in olden days.  


If your business is small or mid-sized with a small IT department and infrastructure, it makes sense to enhance your existing team with an IT services provider that offers professional cloud managed services. With cloud computing, you pay only for what you use, so scalability can be achieved more cost-effectively as you grow your business.  It’s likely, however, that you may not know exactly what you need.  That’s where cloud managed services can fill the void and guide you in the right direction to reap the rewards that cloud computing offers.


Migrating to the cloud has significant advantages over handling your data storage and maintenance in-house on physical servers. 


Cloud Managed Services Offer Convenience and Scalability.

Your business eliminates the need for physical restraints on your data and can access tools you need to conduct business from virtually anywhere and across numerous devices. As well, it’s much easier to scale your capabilities up or down as needed, and your business has immediate access to the most current solutions, with more computing power. No more outdated IT solutions or additional hardware purchases!


Cloud Managed Services Offer Cost Savings.

When you eliminate the need for in-house physical servers, you realize IT cost savings that can be reallocated elsewhere as you grow your business. Cloud-based solutions mean you pay for only services you use, rather than paying for storage or computing power you really don’t need.


Cloud Managed Services Are More Secure.

Contrary to what you might assume, migrating to managed cloud services offers much tighter security and reduces your vulnerability to cyberattacks. Amazon and Microsoft are cloud providers that put security first, with automatic security updates and compliance requirements met. You can rest assured that physical failures and data loss will be mitigated, with robust disaster recovery services in place.


Managed Cloud Solutions


When You’re Ready to Migrate Your Business to the Cloud, ITque Is the Right Cloud Management Services Provider.

At ITque, we’ve been a trusted IT services provider for hundreds of businesses migrating their operations to the Cloud. Our personal attention to detail sets us apart and results in cloud migrations happening really fast, often in as little as 15 days. We guarantee that your data will be handled safely and securely throughout the entire process.


The experts at ITque not only guide you in the right direction, we help you choose the right platforms for your specific business needs and integrate them into your business so that your cloud computing readiness happens seamlessly. Here’s how:


AWS/Azure Infrastructure Take Your Business Sky High.

Choosing the best cloud computing partner for your business is the first step, and ITque navigates the maze of options for you. Our IT pros have years of implementing industry leaders like AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure Infrastructure (Microsoft), each offering best-in-class services in cloud computing, database, storage, automation and more. After we design your perfect cloud solution, we deploy and transition (your customers will never be the wiser). Afterward, we offer service and support, 24/7.


Digital Workspaces Let Employees Work Without Limits.

Managed IT Services Dallas


The pandemic has changed the way we work, probably forever. Your employees must be able to access your corporate databases and systems wherever they are, whenever they want, on any device. Digital workplaces make this possible, and we make digital workplaces happen, working with best-in-class solutions from industry leaders.


Hosting Your Emails in the Cloud.

There ain’t no such thing as a free….email address. At least when it comes to professional business communications.  But if you love Gmail or Microsoft’s email functionality, we love to help our clients outfit their business with trusted and professional email solutions with which your employees are already familiar, integrating your chosen email solution quickly and flawlessly.


We’re Very SaaSy.

Our uber-experienced team of SaaS experts will guide you through the selection of software options so that you land on the perfect solution for your CRM, CMS and ERP needs and help you develop a long-term SaaS plan that ensures your business goals are met with efficiency and stability. We then help manage your SaaS onboarding and the security of each SaaS platform you utilize, as well as optimizing your SaaS expenditures.


Managed SaaS Solutions Company


Your business doesn’t need to go it alone when it comes to cloud computing when you work with a cloud management services provider like ITque. We are a team of Silicon Valley-based, highly knowledgeable IT gurus that are more than happy to help you manage and optimize your cloud migration and cloud environment. After all, the cloud is meant to make each of our lives easier. 


We want to help you manage your cloud infrastructure and the security of the data you need and want to protect.  When you partner with us, our team is available 24/7 to make sure you have the right cloud-managed services and solutions and policies in place. We’ll help you handle any challenges that may surface in a way in which you always have the right amount of managed cloud resources and power to accomplish your goals down here on earth.