What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is an anonymous portion of the internet. It cannot be accessed on a standard web browser. Users need a particular set of software to access it. Often referred to as “the deep web”, this dark application exposes users to many unique websites that cannot be accessed on standard web servers.

Dark websites give users the ability to search for underground information. It’s a hidden network that’s crawling with threats. Businesses should stray away from dark web browser activity. Using the dark web could hinder the overall development of your company and may stir up the following dangers:


When a user explores a dark website, they open the floodgates for invasion. Hackers are able to track IP addresses and will prowl on your network. This sparks a significant threat for data theft. Brace yourself if you choose to enter into this hidden network. It’s known to break down security walls and snatch up your most critical network information.

Pro Tip: If you choose to surf the dark web, make sure you do it on a computer that isn’t connected to your company’s network.


Think of the dark web as a fast-growing plague. It’s an infectious network that spreads threats rapidly. When users open any of the onion sites on the dark web, expect to be hit by a bevy of cyber attacks. Users may face the risk of malware threats, phishing emails, trojan horses, and so much more. Be very careful when exploring this hidden web service.


The dark web is the ultimate hotspot for illegal activity. Criminals can be found all over it. Essentially, the dark web is a marketplace for crime. Dark web users are completely anonymous. Thus making it easier for criminals to perform the following acts:

Drug Trafficking:

It’s not uncommon for people to surf the deep web to acquire illegal drugs. Many dealers and kingpins have drug operations ran on this hidden network.

Weapon Trading:

The dark web makes it easy for someone to get an unlawful weapon. It’s not uncommon to see someone buy or trade guns, knives, or any other violent tools.

Hitmen for Hire:

Hitmen services are all over the dark marketplace. It’s easily accessible for one to be conned into a hitman act when surfing this web surface.


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