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Network Security & Compliance

Protect the business you’ve built with ITque’s Network Security solutions.

Complete Protection

Complete Protection

As a leading San Jose network security provider, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive protection against phishing, viruses, malware, and many other inbound threats. We know how to maintain network security and how crucial it is that you’re protected on all fronts. We focus on securing your network so your company can continue running and delivering high-quality work. ITque’s top priority is to keep you safe using enterprise-grade endpoint, network security products.

Not only will your business experience enterprise-grade online data and network protection, but your customers will, too. If your company receives sensitive information such as Social Security and credit card numbers, your customers are trusting you to protect this personal information. Defend them from identity theft by keeping their private information safe from online threats and your credibility intact with a comprehensive protection plan that goes beyond antivirus software.

ITque technicians have more than 120 combined years of IT experience (127 years, actually) and have worked with the IRS, Marriott Hotels, El Camino Hospital, and others on security projects that help small businesses defend against cyber threats. We will provide your company with an initial IT and Security Audit to see where your cybersecurity ranks and what your security risks are. After we’ve identified any issues, we’ll put together a game plan to fix them.

Cyber Security Risk Management

If you’re looking for end-user services, you’ve come to the right place. ITque specializes in endpoint protection platforms, risk assessments, and preventative risk management processes to keep your systems and services completely covered. With the many types of malware and accidents that can occur in a business setting, you need to always be ready for a breach of sensitive data. If hackers gain unauthorized access to your systems, it could take weeks or months to repair the damage. ITque’s cyber security service protects your information and constantly monitors for breaches, providing a net against any unwanted intrusions. Our endpoint security solutions and endpoint detection and response keep your computer system clean and cyber risks at bay. Hackers won’t be able to touch your data when you rely on ITque as your IT security partner.

Our malware support ensures that your system is always clean, functional, and safe from intruders. We constantly monitor for potential threats, help educate you on how to spot issues before they become serious, and keep your virus protection strengthened against any threat. In times when the majority of your workforce is doing business remotely, you need a reliable plan to keep them safe. Since they’re on their own, having every potential issue sorted out will ensure nothing goes wrong and they can continue their work unimpeded. Less stress and more IT success starts with ITque.

Phishing, Malware, and Other Inbound Threats

Many companies face these dangers – Don’t be one of them!

“A business falls victim to a ransomware attack every 13.275 seconds.” (Source: Cyber Defense Magazine)

Information Security Tools

Information Security Tools

ITque provides a tactical, thorough service designed to keep your network, servers and workstations clean and free from harmful attacks. With a comprehensive defense strategy, you can rest assured your business won’t suffer from these cyberthreats.

Our San Jose Leading Cyber Security Service Includes:

  • Email Security — No more viruses, worms, and malware making their way to your inbox. We encrypt your email data to protect it from online threats and put the necessary measures in place to secure your computer from hackers. A strong password can only do so much to protect your inbox; trust your security to the experts.
  • Endpoint Security — All of your devices will be secured with enterprise-grade antivirus and endpoint security so you can tackle any project from any location without fear. Desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets are all safe and monitored for security threats.
  • Network Security — It may seem unrealistic to strive for complete security online, but it is possible. Real-time monitoring and scanning provide continuous, up-to-date solutions that ensure your network is always secure. Firewall, wireless, mobile broadband, VPNs, and rogue access points are all covered under our watchful eye.
  • Malware Support — From malware prevention to virus cleanup, ITque handles any malware issues you encounter with speed and efficiency. Keep your system clean with the latest malware protection software and our expert IT assistance.
  • Data Backup & Protection — Our multi-tiered approach provides layer after layer of protection for your data, so productivity is never harmed and security is never breached. In fact, ITque has BDR and BC solutions that can run your business in the event your servers and other IT infrastructure are damaged or destroyed.
  • Access Control and Auditing — Your business is personal to you, so we make sure only the employees you designate can access important data. We keep your network private and accessible for only those you choose, and we identify any external threats.
  • User-Friendly Service — It’s our job to keep your network safe so you can continue to work wherever you are. Access your emails and data securely on any device, anywhere.

“95% of data breaches have causes attributed to human error.” (Source: Cybint Solutions)

Your network and data are the foundation of your company’s IT infrastructure. Understanding how to maintain network, internet, and data security can be overwhelming, but ITque can help. Whether you need malware protection, data backup, or email security, ITque is here to lend you a guiding hand.

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ITque is a Campbell-based Managed IT Security & Services company with more than 100 small and medium-sized businesses in California and beyond. For all our clients we focus on network and data security as these are the lifeblood of most small businesses.

Our technicians have more than 127 years of combined, hands-on IT experience with companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries including legal, financial, hospitality, health care, construction, entertainment, machine shop, pharmaceutical, high-tech and more.

What’s more, in their previous lives, our CTO and technicians have worked for some of the largest security companies and on many large security projects with the likes of SSH, F-Secure, Kaspersky and Sophos as well as consulting privately on nationwide IT Security projects for Best Western and Circle K’s Credit Card processing networks.

This is one of many reasons ITque is a leading Managed IT Security and Service Provider in the Bay Area and was recently named Preferred Managed IT Service Provider for Dasher Technologies.

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