If You Don’t Have the Foggiest Notion of How to Relocate IT Functions, We Do

Moving an Office Is a Drag, but Help Is Near.

Whether you’re moving an office or reconfiguring your IT function for remote work, any type of move is a challenge. One of the most important considerations when making any kind of a change that impacts IT is to plan well enough ahead in order to be confident that you can keep your sensitive data safe and maintain control over cybersecurity.

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Let’s start with the basics. If you’re planning an office move in its entirety:

  • Start the planning process at least six months in advance. 
  • You need to have a really great, detail-oriented point person who is ultimately responsible for the move and one that’s good at delegating moving responsibilities.
  • Creating an office move checklist is the next step.
  • Research office movers that have specific experience in moving companies’ IT services.
  • Develop a fool-proof IT plan for disconnecting, transferring and reconnecting, and backup, backup, backup!
  • Take every precaution to avoid cybersecurity shortcuts that could lead to breaches.
  • This may go without saying, but accurately label boxes, and move what’s least crucial for conducting business first.
  • Be aware of where EVERYTHING is located in your new office location, as well as all rules and regulations in the new space.
  • Make sure all vendors have your new address, and involve key vendors in the move if necessary for business continuity (as in IT functions).
  • Breathe.


Backup and Running.

Situations centering around office relocating and potentially, unexpected glitches, are just one area in which backing up your company’s valuable data is only one degree less important than, say, retiring the national debt. Backing up your data is a lot easier, though, particularly when you partner with an IT services provider that offers backup and recovery services and solutions. It is critical that your company has a plan in place to make sure your data lives on even when in the midst of office moves (not to mention the unthinkable, like equipment failure, cybersecurity breaches and attacks, ransomware or human error).

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If you don’t have adequate resources to keep your data safe and ensure that your network systems are running smoothly and continuously, you should strongly consider outsourcing backup and recovery services to an IT services provider that can make sure you get back up and running a.s.a.p.


Business continuity planning is a service that the best IT firms offer – like ITque – that has literally helped hundreds of businesses secure their data through the creation of a solid disaster and recovery plan.


If you don’t want your sensitive data to become a casualty of your office relocating, the best plan of action is to make sure you have a business continuity plan in place before you relocate your office. When you do, you’re also protecting your data from natural disasters like fires or flooding that can wreak havoc on your business if unprepared.


If You Don’t Have the Remotest Idea of How to Facilitate Remote Work, We do.

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Remote work is no longer an exception for those of us in technology on the West Coast. It’s a fact of life that has increased exponentially since the beginning of the pandemic. Employees in all industry sectors are now working remotely or working in a hybrid situation.


Given remote work has become ubiquitous, it is imperative for organizations and businesses to have an effective digital workplace solution that provides access to corporate databases and network systems to its employees from anywhere and at any time.


Digital workplaces are incredibly flexible and keep your workforce connected regardless of where they are working. As well, contractors, off-shore teams, vendors and stakeholders that are granted access are also able to connect from anywhere, any time.


Digital workplaces are perfect for home or remote work, and they also lessen the need for a substantial physical workplace or physical services in your company headquarters. Your employees can still access whatever tools, network systems or databases they need to access remotely.


Digital workplaces also enable security systems and updates to be managed centrally; and when your company’s data resides in a virtual space (as opposed to on a local hard drive), you get improved security. It’s simple to monitor and adjust levels of access for each device, and they can be remotely locked and wiped as necessary, which helps to prevent unauthorized access – and therefore, cybercriminal causing breaches.


Make Your Move to the Best IT Services and Solutions: ITque.

At ITque, our comprehensive IT services will take your IT functions where they need to go. We are a boutique quality managed service provider in Silicon Valley that offers guidance on everything you need to take control of and feel secure about your IT functions and the cybersecurity of one of your most critical assets, your company data.  Serving the San Francisco Bay Area; greater Los Angeles area and Orange County; and Dallas-Ft. Worth, we provide all-inclusive services with a collaborative communication style and a security first approach. We’re here to help make your business the best it can be from an IT perspective so that you and your team can operate at your best, wherever you may be!