How To Optimize Your IT Talent With Co-Managed IT Services

How To Optimize Your IT Talent With Co-Managed IT Services

Most small and medium-sized businesses have faced the challenge of being in growth mode, but it’s not yet feasible to hire additional resources to support the growth. Fortunately, while your IT department is one of the most critical areas impacting all aspects of your business – including cybersecurity and potential data breaches – it is also the one that can most easily be augmented with terrific external resources.


A Co-Managed IT Structure May Represent the Ultimate IT Stress Relief.

We’ve all heard about how difficult it is to recruit good talent these days, but co-managed IT services offer a perfect solution for businesses that either cannot secure or cannot afford to hire additional internal IT resources.  In fact, outsourcing a portion of your IT resource needs may well provide you with an upgraded talent base of ongoing IT support at – surprisingly – a lower and more predictable cost.


Adopting a co-managed IT services approach does not mean that you lose your existing IT infrastructure.  Outsourcing IT services means your (likely overworked) internal team can continue to focus on what it does best without being stretched too thinly to adequately support your employees, your business, and your ability to protect both from cybersecurity threats.


A Stress Test To See If Co-Managed IT Services Are a Good Fit

Here are some questions and answers to help you determine whether a co-managed IT structure lends itself to optimizing your current IT infrastructure.

  1. Have your business needs from an IT perspective outgrown the capacity of your existing IT department to scale the business?
  2.  If the answer is “yes,” and if your payroll cannot accommodate existing head count, you should consider co-managed IT services.
  3. Is your existing IT department so all-consumed with day-to-day support that they are not able to keep up with evolving technologies and/or they simply do not have cutting-edge skill sets?
  4. If the answer is “yes,” the benefit of partnering with external IT resources that live and breathe technology and cybersecurity, and the ever-changing landscape in this critical space, you should consider co-managed IT services.
  5. Are lagging response times from your existing IT department resulting in loss of productivity from your employees and/or excessive downtime due to systems failures?
  6. If the answer is “yes,” outsourcing additional, expert resources who can seamlessly fill in the gaps 24x7x365 means you should consider co-managed IT services.
  7. Do your disaster recovery plans and cybersecurity – or more accurately, lack thereof – make you lose sleep at night?
  8. If the answer is “yes,” the tremendous increase in cybersecurity threats alone means you should consider co-managed IT services and partnering with a firm that  can provide your business with comprehensive managed security services and sound network security solutions, 24/7.  
  9. In your perfect business world, would you hire a Chief Information Officer or equivalent?
  10. If the answer is “yes,” co-managed IT services would allow you to rely on and consider your external IT partner as your virtual CIO, along with the type of skill set and strategic thinking intrinsic to that key role.
  11. Do you have an internal IT resource that can be a responsible point person in a co-managed IT structure?
  12.  If the answer is “yes,” you should strongly consider co-managed IT services.


The Right Answer:  Co-Manage Your IT Services With ITque.

When you combine the resources of your internal IT department with ITque, you’ll be making an investment that can have far-reaching implications to your future business growth.  When your team partners with us, we literally become an extension of your IT department and your business as a whole. We take your business personally, offering you boutique quality, enterprise class managed IT services that allow you to optimize your existing team’s contributions, resulting in an even more positive return on investment. Providing customized solutions that match each client’s unique needs, our results take into consideration the delicate balance between security, usability and privacy. Contact us today to learn more about our all-inclusive IT solutions and the benefits of co-managed IT services that we can offer.