Sound Legal Advice: Reap The Benefits Of Managed IT Services For Your Law Firm

Cybercriminals Could Be Some Of the Worst Offenders You Face

Security breaches are on the rise; and because of the magnitude of confidential and sensitive information law firms maintain, they have become big targets for cybercriminals. It is far from unthinkable to find yourself in a situation in which your law firm is suddenly faced with a massive security threat, and all of your internal resources are knee-deep working on a major court case (as they should be). This is one of the most critical examples of where the benefits of managed IT services come into play – and can save the day.


Protect Some Of Your Most Valuable Defendants:  Your Clients’ Personal Data

Aside from the benefits managed IT services provide in terms of day-to-day IT issues and malfunctions that can negatively impact productivity, they also provide guidance on the required compliance with government regulations that are inherent when a business like a law firm has access to such a substantial amount of sensitive client information. 


The benefits of managed IT services (or MSPs) can far outweigh their cost, which are surprisingly efficient when compared to maintaining an internal IT department at your law firm. Hiring IT consultants means you have 24x7x365 access to the best and brightest talent in information technology, utilizing cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies, who make sure your law firm is secure through best practices in a potential crime scene that is constantly evolving.  Let’s face it:  many law firms simply do not have the capacity either in head count or office space to be able to justify this caliber of talent internally. An outsourced IT managed service provider will enable you and your team to do what you do best – practice law – confident that you have all of the right business tools, technologies and infrastructure in place to do just that.


If the Jury Is Still Out:

One of the many benefits of managed IT services, as touched on previously, is that they collectively represent a knowledge base that transcends numerous industries and projects, and they can bring this wealth of experience to your law firm.  They know best how to make industry-specific legal applications talk to and integrate with apps like Microsoft Office Suite and how to navigate technology issues that are specific to the law profession. 


They also understand that those in the legal profession often operate out of many locations where they need to be able to access confidential information quickly, easily, securely, and 24x7x365. They’re able to make cloud storage and services happen for attorneys and those on your legal team without them even needing to know exactly what that means.


When it comes to budgeting, it will likely make the most sense to structure the agency relationship on a retainer, or flat fee, basis when you hire an IT managed services provider. It is a more straightforward, current approach that will alleviate a lot of guesswork as far as fees are concerned, simplifying your budgeting process overall while you are likely to be saving on operational costs and increasing productivity.


The Verdict Is In: Make ITque Part Of Your Legal Team

When you hire the right IT consultants, you’re making an investment that can have far-reaching implications to the overall security of your law firm and your clients’ data. We are boutique quality, managed service providers with a collaborative communication style – and we are based right in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Serving the San Francisco Bay Area; greater Los Angeles and Orange County; and Dallas-Ft. Worth, ITque provides your law firm with comprehensive, managed security services and sound network solutions. When your firm partners with ITque, we deliver customized solutions that match each law firm’s specific needs, taking into consideration the delicate balance between security, usability and privacy. Contact us today to learn more about our all-inclusive IT solutions and the benefits of managed IT services for your law firm.