Where Do You Go if Your Back Is out of Alignment? A Chiropractor. Where Do You Go If Your Car Is out of Alignment? A Car Repair Shop. Where Do You Go if Your Business and IT Department Are out of Alignment? ITque.

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When your IT department is in alignment with each of your organization’s business owners and overarching business goals, your company can operate like a well-oiled machine. All too often this is not the case, however; and in fact, information technology has become such an integral part of how your business functions that it should probably be considered one of those business “owners.”


The Interdependencies Between Business Operations and Information Technology are Intertwined More Than Ever Before.

As business goals evolve – or pivot, which happens much more frequently out of necessity these days – so must your IT infrastructure and IT resources. Fortunately, IT solutions and services are evolving at a much faster pace than almost any other category of industry, which bodes well for businesses and organizations that place the utmost importance on the synergistic relationship between business and IT in supporting corporate goals. More progressive companies realize this; however, even the most forward-thinking smaller and mid-sized businesses may simply not yet have the financial resources to ensure that the appropriate IT infrastructure is firmly in place.

The Interdependencies Between Business Operations and Information Technology are Intertwined More Than Ever Before.


Information Technology Is Just That – Technology That Goes Far Beyond a Help Desk.

In order for businesses to thrive (and survive) in today’s world, Information Technology must be seen as an integral part of your business strategy, because it is what makes that strategy come to life. IT and business alignment are table stakes, especially during extraordinary times. We have experienced the crucial role IT plays in support of businesses – and life in general – functioning at breakneck speed since the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, had it not been for strategic and agile synchronicities between business and IT across entire organizations, even more businesses would have failed during this unprecedented time in our lives.

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Information Technology Must Have a Comfortable Seat and a Voice That’s Heard at the Strategic Planning Table.  

Aside from enabling your business to operate on the most basic level with routine IT functions like data collection, compliance, and yes, help desk support, more strategic IT resources that have the capabilities to think outside the box with a nod to the future can provide your organization with numerous competitive advantages. Your head of IT, whether internal or external, has to be included in the boardroom when your business is discussing business and growth strategies and opportunities. Successful businesses of any size take a holistic approach to strategic planning and key business decisions, and that includes Information Technology. Information. Technology.


Analytics That Actually Inform and Support Business Goals

The benefits include significantly upgraded data analytics that often lead to more targeted and simply better customer experiences that in turn can lead to increased profitability and a better return on investment.


Optimization of – Let’s Face It – Essentially Everything!

What’s more, when your IT infrastructure and support systems are optimized, the productivity of your employees across the organization is likely to be better optimized. All one has to do these days to understand this concept is to take a step back and think about how advances in technology have allowed you to optimize the operation of your personal life!

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Risk-Taking Is So Nineties. 

Although we mention compliance in the list of “routine” functions above, the management of compliance is anything but, and you need IT resources that understand how to keep you compliant and minimize risk in the ever-changing world of IT compliance AND security. Data breaches are on the rise in a significant way, an unpleasant unintended consequence of the pandemic. If your IT department is not well-versed and consistently up-to-date with compliance and security regulations and guidelines, your business is at risk.

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When You Don’t Have the Right IT Resources In-house, Look Outside the Box.

Although this may come as a surprise, outsourcing your IT functions can actually provide an additional benefit: cost savings. It doesn’t take a technological genius to figure out that upgrading your IT infrastructure and potentially reducing costs at the same time is a no-brainer.


ITque Will Get Your Business and Your IT Department Into Alignment for a Much Smoother Ride.

A true business and IT partner like ITque is much like having a virtual Chief Information Officer leading a team of dedicated and strategic IT resources; in other words, a significantly enhanced IT infrastructure without the burden of additional internal head count. Not only are we cost-effective, we have the strategic mindset to handle both current and future business needs from an innovative, forward-thinking and comprehensive IT perspective that aligns business and IT for the future.


Let us demonstrate today how our boutique quality outsourced or co-managed IT support can make a world of difference to your teams, as well as to your bottom line.