What is Server Virtualization?

Everywhere we go, it seems like someone is talking about server virtualization in some capacity. As the rise of cloud technology continues to grow, more and more companies are starting to adopt this virtual storage technique. This makes it easy for employees to use IT resources without being physically bound to the office’s hardware. Unlike storage virtualization, this cloud platform isn’t run under a centralized virtual machine. In hindsight, this is an entirely different strategy. Simply put, server virtualization is the process of supporting individual workstations with its own, unique virtual server.

This intuitive storage system can save your company money in various ways. Since everything is operated through a cloud-based data center, you won’t have to make any exhaustive hardware purchases. You only pay for a few key things.

Here are some of the things that you’ll be responsible for:

  • Specialized virtualization software
  • Your cloud computing services
  • Web browser support system

Utilizing this virtualization strategy can save your company a fortune in the long-run. Just take a look at this business impact analysis to learn how it’s done:


Running a physical server tower can be costly. With a server virtualization plan in motion, you don’t have to worry about your energy bills skyrocketing. Everything is purely operated from the virtual storage environment online. This eliminates painful operating costs from piling up.


Disasters can strike your network from any angle at any point in time. To prevent data loss, many cloud service operations will offer recovery as a service. If your business experiences the effects of an unforeseen event, then you’ll need to restore your network’s most critical business files. Server virtualization ensures that your most important data survives. This is an effective way to keep your network protected from natural disasters.


Server virtualization is a host-based cloud technique. By virtualizing your business, your company eases closer to becoming a complete cloud operation. If your company is migrating to the cloud, then utilizing this virtualization strategy will help make this transition go more smoothly.


Malware protection can be costly to support. Putting up a firewall is a great defense mechanism, but over time, it will cost your company substantial amounts. Server virtualization platforms automatically detect incoming threats and prevent any real-time attacks. This is an inexpensive way to keep your network safe and secure.


Computer equipment is incredibly expensive. No need to worry about hardware spending any longer. You just need virtualization software to run the course of your operation. This cloud storage solution will alleviate any stress that you have about hardware management. This service offers everything that you need so you can rest easy with a peace of mind.

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