What Does Outsourced IT Support Really Cost? Hint: It’s Not What You Think

Myth-busting the Costs & Benefits Of Outsourced IT Services

As companies grow, it doesn’t take long for IT departments of small and mid-size businesses to become overwhelmed.  Common scenarios that result are IT management being stretched too thin and getting bogged down with day-to-day IT minutiae, or too much responsibility is given by default to overworked and inexperienced employees.  Once this happens, the organization’s IT infrastructure and maintenance may suffer in general; and in particular, its cybersecurity preparedness.  The risks are simply too great, which is one of the main reasons many small and mid-size businesses choose IT support outsourcing instead.


Options for outsourced IT support services include fully outsourcing all IT functions versus augmenting your internal IT team with an external Managed Service Provider, or MSP, that can provide significantly upgraded expertise in technology and network security, as well as enhanced strategic support that can lead to overall business growth.


Getting Down To Brass Tacks

Surprisingly, it is likely that outsourced IT support will cost less than supporting an internal team that is built out and supported the way it should be in order to keep your business running smoothly – and safely. 


Fee structures for an MSP vary; for example, hourly rate/as needed versus monthly flat fee/retainer.  What’s right for your business depends on variables like whether your outsourced IT support needs are more basic or more complex; the number of users per month; and of course, whether you will be outsourcing the entirety of IT functions or simply augmenting your internal team.   


It is not uncommon in an internal IT department for resources consisting of just one IT management resource or a management resource and lower-level resource to range from roughly $100,000-$150,000.  An IT director-level resource and an additional junior-level resource can cost well over $250,000, including benefits.


A business utilizing outsourced IT services will conceivably spend from an estimated 50% to 80% less, depending on the variables mentioned above.  Aside from the cost savings, the benefits of outsourced IT support services are substantial and far-reaching.   The technical expertise and strategy provided by a well-respected MSP that lives and breathes IT and cybersecurity 24/7, 365 days a year can be a deal breaker in terms of an organization’s overall growth – and network security.         


When Outsourcing Is Outstanding

Premier IT support outsourcing providers such as ITque are true partners that are like having your own dedicated and strategic IT department, even to the extent of serving as your virtual Chief Information Officer.  We provide 4 A’s Concierge Service (Audit, Assume, Adjust and Augment) that’s also cost-effective, and we address the tough issues that internal teams may not have the time – or the expertise – to handle.  The IT landscape is constantly evolving, and our cutting-edge, thorough and clearly communicated IT strategies allow businesses to be more efficient, more productive, and more comprehensive from a data protection standpoint.  A laser focus on proactive and preventive maintenance enables us to identify and fix issues before they become problems.   Let us demonstrate how our boutique quality outsourced IT support can become  an outstanding addition to your team, as well as your bottom line.