The Right Types Of IT Services & Solutions = Real Solutions. And Real IT Service

Five Relatively Easy & Economical Ways To Decompress Your IT Stress 

The broad spectrum of IT services for businesses to tap into runs the gamut, yet making sense of what your specific business needs from an IT standpoint out of the myriad types of IT services may seem overwhelming.  It doesn’t have to be.  There are five key categories of services in IT that each have a critical role to play in terms of IT services and solutions that support business objectives, as well as the proper IT infrastructure.  The right service provider will be your best friend in terms of helping you determine the right support services for you, as the best IT consulting service providers assess your needs from your business’s perspective and, well, know best.


Types Of IT Services Broken Down Per Internet Protocol


1.  Managed IT Departments

Maintaining an internal IT department can be complex (not to mention expensive), particularly if your business is small or growing. Outsourcing your IT department to a managed service provider that is a real and trusted partner can alleviate a lot of unexpected headaches while giving your business the added boost of working with innovative professionals whose expertise is available to you 24x7x365…essentially, whenever you need IT.


Managed IT departments led by an IT services provider whose day job all day long is IT allow you to focus on your own day job, confident that your help desk is exceptionally helpful; your data storage, data backup services and disaster recovery plans are safely in place; your network services are well-managed;  your software services in general, software development processes, and hardware are supported by experienced IT professionals; and that your IT consultants serve as your Virtual Chief Information Officers.  Think of it as all-inclusive IT services from A-Z.


2.  Managed CyberSecurity and Network Security

A business today must do everything in its power to make the security of your data, data storage and infrastructure a #1 priority.  Although 100% protection in security may not yet be a reality, you certainly do need an IT services and solutions partner that believes in and adheres to a Zero Trust approach to data storage, data backup services, and security – and one that can help you identify the right tools at the right price to make your network security compliant; and most importantly, safe. 


Any IT service provider you consider working with understands that fortifying your business from all angles means protecting every aspect of it from hackers, from email protection to managed detection and response to security information and event management. Security is no joke, and it becomes less of a joke each and every day. Expert IT services professionals know that network security is no laughing matter and offer the right types of IT services so that you can rest assured that hackers do NOT get the last laugh.


3. Managed Infrastructure From an IT Service Perspective

Network and infrastructure challenges are especially common for small and growing businesses.  They can be virtually alleviated by working with the right types of IT services and solutions partners who can completely manage your business’s infrastructure, ensuring that your data is always available to your employees – and always secure (as are your employees’ devices).


Support services like storage administration services, mobile device management services, network management solutions and IOT (the Internet Of Things) management solutions are all part of what the best types of IT services for business purposes can and should offer.


4.  Well-Managed Cloud Services Make Cloud Service Make Sense (Plus Dollars and Cents)

Industry-specific SaaS providers in particular sometimes need to get their heads out of the cloud and have a customer first approach in terms of cloud services pricing options and features.  The right outsourced IT support services partner will keep them in line, manage and secure all of your SaaS solutions. Think cloud services priced right.


Providing services like Azure infrastructure, digital workspaces, professional email hosting, and SaaS management also involves translation services for your employees (in case you’re just now making the transition to cloud-based solutions and don’t really know what any of this means but are afraid to ask). Think down to earth cloud services.


5. Professional IT Services

All businesses can use a helping hand from time to time, and yours is probably no exception.  Whether cloud migration; hardware lifecycle planning; remote workforces, office moves and smart/remote hands; and/or infrastructure design and refresh, outsourced IT services are a forward-thinking and cost-effective way to go.


We Know What IT Service You Need Before You Even Know You Need IT.

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