Safe Remote Working Technology Tips

Working from home has been a way to recharge and energize ourselves during the pandemic. We avoid physical danger by working remotely, but the risks of technology remain. Without workplace security tools and services, the chances of being hacked or making a mistake are higher at home than they are in the office. Avoid the mistakes and achieve technological enlightenment when you rely on the services of ITque.


Flexible work doesn’t always mean safe work. When you’re in your workplace on the company network, there are protective elements in place to prevent mistakes from threatening productivity and the company as a whole. Unless you have rigorous cybersecurity in place on your remote work technology, chances are that the remote workforce at your company is far more exposed to danger than they would be in the office. If something were to happen, such as confidential information being leaked, the cleanup would take longer and the ramifications would echo for months or years to come.

To prevent this from occurring, having a grasp on the state of your remote security and having the necessary measures in place will keep you safe from unwanted attention. There are various risks and solutions to these problems, but you should also rely on your IT department to make sure everything is approved beforehand.


Viruses, phishing attempts, and other threats are only one click away. Your remote devices should always have up-to-date antivirus solutions installed and active at all times during work hours. Even if they are set to automatically update at certain times, manually check that your computer has fully updated your security solutions and have the right type of antivirus software installed. Losing files due to a vulnerable computer is a problem that could easily be avoided with the proper preparations.

Your Wi-Fi should be encrypted in case hackers attempt to use it to gain access to your data. Any connected devices are susceptible to attacks if someone has your password and IP addresses. Make sure your password is strong, you’re wired in if possible, and you don’t have crucial files on a personal device unless you know that it’s safe.

Using a VPN prevents unwanted connections to your computer. If you’re working over a wireless network, a VPN is essential to protect you from unwanted attention. VPNs act as virtual private networks, encrypting your information while allowing you to safely access information on your company servers. This keeps the company data and your personal information protected at all times.


Any time you leave your computer for an extended period, close it and ensure it’s locked. There is always a chance that someone could access your unattended screen manually or remotely. This completely bars them from entry and keeps your information safely tucked away.

Your company has IT services that all your employees use, such as Microsoft Office 365, and messenger options like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Your company’s IT services configure these tools and they are responsible for correctly setting them up. All of your team members, yourself included, should be working off of these services. If there is an element of your job that you can’t fulfill through them, work with IT to find a safe solution. Since IT has control over these services, they can manage each application’s security and safety for all the remote employees.

Vigilance is the key to staying protected. Phishing emails are more difficult to spot when you can’t check them against other members of your team, so keep in constant contact with your coworkers to ensure nothing is missed. Always be suspicious of email links and double check with IT or the sender to ensure they are safe to click. Never enter your credentials on anything you open unless you have the go-ahead from someone in authority. Keep yourself and your remote team safe from harm by always asking questions.


ITque helps make your life easier by preparing you for anything. Our security services ensure that you are always protected from harm and never need to worry about accidents or mistakes causing ongoing issues. When you need professional IT assistance, call the experts at ITque today.


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