What Is Robotics as a Service (RaaS)?

As the “as a service” business model has grown over the years, it has evolved to include robotics. Robotics as a Service (RaaS) allows you to take advantage of cloud-based robots and artificial intelligence technologies while leasing them instead of buying them outright. Here’s why investing in RaaS is worthwhile for your business.

How Does Robotics as a Service Work?

With RaaS, you rent or lease robots and AI technology from a service provider, such as ITque. Some robots and AI are cloud based, while others are not, and you can leverage both for your business. You can lease robots and AI for different tasks throughout your commercial facility. When you lease them, your service provider offers as many robots as your facility needs, and they can scale their robotics service offerings up or down as needed.

For example, at ITque, we use our RaaS offerings to provide autonomous, UV-C disinfecting robots to schools and universities. These robots fight infectious diseases by killing airborne bacteria and viruses from surfaces. They break down the bacteria and viruses’ DNA structure to destroy them in minutes, and they provide 360-degree surface coverage. When you use our Robotics as a Service offerings to put these robots in your building, you simply pay a monthly fee. We take care of all the robots’ maintenance, updates, and upgrades.

When you use RaaS, you pay a monthly fee to your service provider that takes care of the robots and AI. You don’t have to perform any maintenance, and you can trust that your provider will always offer robots updated with the latest technology.

What Other Tasks Do RaaS Robots Perform?

RaaS robots perform many more tasks than just facility disinfection. You can also use RaaS robots and AI to perform building security and warehouse operations, among other tasks. Why use robots for these tasks? Security robots can save up to 65% in costs when they patrol buildings in place of human guards. They also collect data that you can use to improve your security system’s performance. You can also use robots to perform warehouse operations tasks. These robots can make up for seasonal labor shortages without requiring you to invest in an in-house robotics system. Ultimately, RaaS robots can fill in wherever you need them in your facility. They go on to save you maintenance and labor costs in the long run.

Are There Different Types of RaaS Models?

Yes, there are two main types of RaaS business models. One is called Robotics as a Cloud Service, and it uses cloud-based robots to collect data. This service provides that data to businesses that use it to improve their processes and operations. The other service model is called robots on rental, and it focuses on staffing facilities with robots to perform operational tasks. Our disinfecting robots program for schools and universities falls under this service model category. If you want to improve your business with RaaS, ITque can help you determine which of these business models best fits your needs.

Why Use ITque’s Robotics as a Service Offerings?

ITque offers RaaS in addition to our many other comprehensive IT service offerings. You can take advantage of our RaaS program and our other IT services to make your business as efficient and effective as possible. We make RaaS accessible to small businesses so they can improve their processes and productivity through robotics and AI. We believe Bay Area small businesses deserve to use robotics just as much as large enterprises do. That’s why we provide RaaS to our clients.

Improve Your Business With ITque’s RaaS Program

Connect with ITque today to integrate our RaaS program into your business operations and processes. We can provide the robotics you need to help your business run smoothly and safely. When we provide these robotics, we can scale the number of robots and services you use up and down according to your business needs while paying a flat monthly fee. This program allows you to improve your business with robotics in cost-effective ways. Trust us to help you find the right RaaS setup for your business and facility and integrate it in ways that make your operations better. We have the capacity to build a robotics solution that achieves your business goals.

Call ITque Today

ITque is a Campbell-based Managed IT Security & Services company with more than 100 small and medium-sized businesses in California and beyond. For all our clients we focus on network and data security as these are the lifeblood of most small businesses.

Our technicians have more than 127 years of combined, hands-on IT experience with companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries including legal, financial, hospitality, health care, construction, entertainment, machine shop, pharmaceutical, high-tech and more.

What’s more, in their previous lives, our CTO and technicians have worked for some of the largest security companies and on many large security projects with the likes of SSH, F-Secure, Kaspersky and Sophos as well as consulting privately on nationwide IT Security projects for Best Western and Circle K’s Credit Card processing networks.

This is one of many reasons ITque is a leading Managed IT Security and Service Provider in the Bay Area and was recently named Preferred Managed IT Service Provider for Dasher Technologies.

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