Return-To-Work Support and Best Practices

Your return to the office doesn’t have to put anyone at a higher risk if you follow the rules and play it safe. Supporting employees during these trying times keeps everyone safe and happy while avoiding the continued spread of COVID-19. If you’re ready to head back into the office, here are a few best practices you could use to support your staff and stay safe.


You should draft a team to plan a re-entry that prioritizes safely bringing your team members back into the fold. You need to identify and assign certain individuals to check the building’s physical security, administrative, and environmental controls before employees return. They will need to ensure that the official personnel roster is up to date, if there are safety controls in place, if there is a process to vet people re-entering the building, and that social distancing has been implemented correctly.

Human resources, office managers and owners alike can spearhead this process since they generally work closely with business regulations and safety concerns, but it doesn’t strictly require their attention. So long as you have people that can safely take employee temperatures, manage the process, and enforce stay at home orders if necessary, you shouldn’t encounter many issues. As for who should return first, we recommend IT returns to begin system infrastructure work, followed by HR. After that, it’s up to you who you want returning.


It will feel like restarting from the ground up, but everything will be fine if you have the technical support. You should look at the technology used to support remote work and what worked best for the work from home period. This may mean that you could easily transition back to the office and continue using company hardware with no issue. You may want to stick to a “bring your own device” methodology to prevent potential contamination.

As employees return to work, you should go over the remote resources you use, how you will handle the technology collection and disbursement, and how you will sanitize all of your devices. This last point is critical since this may require you to prepare data backups and time blocks for the sanitation services. So long as you have a return to work process in place and flexibility that allows personal devices or extended work from home measures to keep others safe while the procedure is implemented, everything will go smoothly.

There is a lot of uncertainty around the COVID-19 crisis and how businesses will handle their return policies. Keeping an open mind will help your return to the workplace become an easier process that saves lives and increases productivity. This isn’t the new normal, but we can try our best to make do with what we have. If you need help setting up your return policies, don’t understand what you need on the technology side of the business, or need IT assistance from a professional source, look no further than ITque. We make the ordinary, extraordinary through our customized IT services and solutions. Return to form in sleek simplicity when you rely on our expert services and bring everyone back together with ease.


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