Proactive Cyber Security Measures

Ask yourself, “Am I taking proactive cybersecurity measures for my business?” You might not be able to answer this question if you don’t know the difference between proactive cybersecurity vs reactive.


The difference between proactive cybersecurity vs reactive is that proactive security measures include uncovering and addressing potential data breaches before they happen while a reactive approach involves neglecting to identify threats before they happen, resulting in a network security attack.

Proactive Cybersecurity Measures

You can easily implement proactive cyber security measures for your business. When you take a proactive approach to threat detection, you can prevent cyber attackers from accessing your confidential data, minimizing the risk of a data breach that could lead to business interruptions.

Developing a security strategy is crucial for preventing a cyber attack. Proactive cybersecurity tactics you should take include:

  • Identify threats
    • Also known as threat hunting, identifying threats before they become attacks can be done with a risk analysis to determine your system’s weakest spots, ultimately predicting a potential cyber criminal’s plan of attack.
  • Ethical hacking
    • Ethical hacking is a component of threat hunting. Ethical hackers help businesses identify network vulnerabilities by performing non-threatening attacks with the intent of exposing weaknesses. Hire an ethical hacker for your business to help find the weak points.
  • Endpoint monitoring
    • Implementing endpoint security for monitoring and managing potential threats 24/7 is a crucial proactive cybersecurity approach.
  • Staff training
    • Train your staff to take daily security measures to prevent data breaches, such as creating strong passwords and reporting phishing scams immediately.

Reactive Information Security Techniques

A reactive security approach to cyber attacks focuses on bulking up security control defenses in the event of a data breach. Implementing a reactive security strategy is just as important as a proactive approach, allowing you to track down hackers that broke through your proactive cybersecurity measures.

Common reactive information security techniques include:

  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus software
  • Malware software
  • Spam filters
  • Ad blockers

Reactive information security techniques are excellent for preventing well-known malware from entering your network and threatening your business data, but it’s crucial for business success to use a combination of reactive and proactive cybersecurity measures for your defense against hackers.


A cyber security risk assessment is a detailed review of your business’s network security measures, identifying existing flaws that could result in a cyber attack later.

There are significant benefits of outsourcing an experienced IT company to conduct a cyber security risk assessment, including:

  • Locate threats and vulnerabilities
  • Analyze your security control’s maturity level
  • Enhance enterprise-wide network security policies

An IT audit is another strategy for implementing proactive security measures in your business. After an IT audit is complete, technician professionals make recommendations to help your business run smoothly. With an IT audit, you get a full-scope understanding of the proactive and reactive cybersecurity measures and reactive approaches you should take to protect your business data.


ITque can provide your business with comprehensive managed security services, giving you everything you need to take control of your network and data. Our managed security services include:

Antivirus Intrusion and Detection

With ITque’s endpoint, antivirus, malware, and intrusion detection, you can work stress-free with peace of mind that proactive cyber security measures are in place, keeping your company safe at all times. Offering WebRoot and ESET antivirus and security systems, our managed security services and antivirus solutions are ready to take on whatever obstacle may come your way, allowing you to grow your business.

Malicious activity is built to harm a business’s productivity by stealing pertinent information. It’s never been simpler to keep your company’s valuable information and data safe with ITque. Our premier protection services are cloud-managed, so they never get in the way of your business and serve as an ally against threats to your network security.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

We offer 24/7 IT monitoring to ensure all of your systems are being watched for potential data breaches. We install a software agent on every one of your workstations, servers, company mobile devices, and other endpoints, and monitor them for threat detection at all times. These devices are part of your system, providing feedback such as valuable information concerning your IT environment. Our 24/7 monitoring provides more specific diagnoses before they cause disruptions. If any disturbances occur, our team notifies you immediately.