How to Remove Malware From Your System

We’ve learned what viruses, Trojans, and other types of malware do in your system, but once they get there, how do you get them out? There are multiple methods to help you keep your system clean, but remember to rely on your IT department’s expertise if your system becomes infected.


Malware comes in all shapes and sizes. They hide in the most inconspicuous places, waiting to strike. Emails, banners, links—the list goes on. There are a few small warning signs that your computer is infected, including:

  • Your computer is running slow all the time.
  • Pop-up messages are appearing out of nowhere and are difficult to remove.
  • Computer programs (some foreign, some familiar) are launching on their own.
  • The hard drive sounds like it’s always in action.

Each of these symptoms is a sure sign that your computer has a virus or some other issue. If you’ve been diligent and noticed the signs early, you’ve probably prevented disaster. If, however, problems persist, you could have a larger issue on your hands.

You could have gotten the malware from anywhere. A phishing email, a web browser pop-up, a misclick on a link, the possibilities are unfortunately endless. Antivirus software sometimes fails to catch the latest versions of certain viruses, leaving you in an awkward position. Once a virus has made your computer its home, you need to act immediately to remove or stall it until IT takes control.


There are a few steps to take to mitigate damage and contain the virus or malware before it spreads and causes too much damage.

  • First, you’ll need to enter safe mode. Force your computer to restart, then pull up the Troubleshoot menu when it begins to boot back up. From here, you’ll open the Advanced Settings Menu, Startup Settings, and finally, click restart again. Pressing 5 will restart your computer in Safe Mode, which will keep your PC disconnected from the internet when it starts up again.
  • Now that you aren’t connected to the internet, you need to protect the affected systems through some cleaning. Go to the Start menu, pull up Windows Administrative Tools, and choose Disk Cleanup from the menu. Scroll down until you find the temporary files and select to delete them. Deleting these files may speed up the virus scanning process or even get rid of the virus if it was programmed to start up when your computer does.
  • Next, use a malware scanner. Your company has one installed on every computer, so finding it shouldn’t be an issue. Run the scan for the full duration while keeping in contact with IT about your situation. If the scan isn’t able to pick up any viruses and problems persist, you need to contact an expert.

These are the steps you can personally take to clean up a virus, but if the issues aren’t resolved, it’s time to call in an expert.


You need endpoint protection and professional IT services to come in and begin a malware infection removal process. Depending on the amount and strength of the viruses and malware in your computer, the process could be lengthy. Whether your IT team is in-house or a paid service provider, they are your best bet at consistent cyber security and internet security moving forward. Be on the lookout for malicious software in emails, websites, and strange links. Always have an antivirus program on your computer and set to scan your files every few weeks. Keep yourself and your business protected from the worst through constant vigilance.

Now that you know what to do when you get malware, you should consider relying on an IT partner in times of crisis. ITque has the endpoint security solutions your business needs to stay safe and productive well into the future.


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