How to Protect Your Inbox

Your email is a gateway portal to your company’s network. Hackers are always on the prowl and searching for ways to poke holes into your network, often through your inbox. Typically, they will use invasive attacks like a phishing scam to penetrate through any notable vulnerabilities. If you fall victim to an email trap, then you may be at risk to lose all your hard-earned valuables. It only takes one phishing email to have your personal information compromised. If a hacker gets through into your inbox, you may be at risk for cyber theft. Whether it’s your credit card numbers, login credentials, business plans, or any other sensitive information, you need to have a firm defense system to keep your network in tip-top shape.

If you want to know how you should protect your email from phishing scams, malware, and other malicious cyber dangers, then make sure you have an effective security plan in place. In order to keep hackers out of your inbox, you should be practicing these cybersecurity prevention tactics:


A spam filter is a program that detects unwanted email messages and steers them away from a user’s inbox. This filtering program automatically recognizes global email spam threats and puts up a blockade to prevent those pesky messages from getting to you. The use of this content filtering system will keep “junk” out, so you can keep your inbox organized with the messages that you actually need.


If you get an email that looks suspicious with a clickbait action, then chances are that is are that is a malicious phishing attempt. Keep your employees on their toes with routine phishing assessments. After you educate your workforce about phishing attacks, it’s important to put them to the test so they can show what they know. A phishing assessment is a randomized phishing simulation that employees will have the ability to mark as “phishing.” Condition your employees to steer these acts away from your network.


Scan your email address for viruses with protective email antivirus software. This is a multi-layered source of protection that defends against cyber attacks like malware, ransomware, and any other threats that might be on the horizon. After incoming messages have been scanned, they are passed along to a thorough email program. You will receive an automatic alert if there is a suspected virus attached to any specific messages. This gives you the upper hand when you need to take further action and fight the virus away from your network.


Protect the identity of your users with a multi-factor authentication mechanism. Factor authentication is a straightforward software platform that gives users the ability to verify their identity. The first step of this verification process is password and username recognition. After these details have been recognized, you’ll be able to effectively manage your email inbox. This is a proactive security measure that helps you protect and confirm your personal information.

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