How to Change Your Office 365 Password

Windows 10 is full of useful features and shortcuts you may have been unaware of or overlooked. From setting up printers to managing the Snipping Tool, there are so many different nuances to grasp. Setting up a new password is just one of these useful features that would be best to understand fully. Office 365 is an important part of your everyday work life and it’s important to change your password regularly to keep your information safe. Here, we will learn the process behind an O365 password reset.


As mentioned previously, it’s recommended that you reset your password at least twice a year, if not more. ITque recommends you change major passwords quarterly and minor passwords twice a year to ensure maximum protection. Consistently changing your user password may sound like a hassle, but with the alternative being the loss of personal assets and data, a few minutes isn’t such a big deal. Many people use Office 365, so changing Office 365 passwords on Windows 10 is a constant question that comes up. We will go step by step so you know exactly how to change your password moving forward.

  • Start by signing in to your Microsoft Office account on the Office 365 online portal. When the sign-in menu pops up, make sure the correct email address is filled in at the top of the menu before you enter your current password.
  • Entering the correct password in Office will open the welcome page, where you will select the cog in the top right corner of the screen. This is the setup menu, where you’ll find the “reset your password” tab. Select this tab to open the menu where you can change your account password.
  • First you’ll enter your current password once, then input your new password twice in the lines below. If the new password is accepted, you’ll be logged in and taken back to the welcome screen.

That’s all it takes to create your O365 password change. When you’re creating a new password, make sure it isn’t similar to your old one. It shouldn’t be anything personal, like your address, phone number, birthday, etc. It also should have at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one symbol to make it more difficult to figure out.


If your password expiration date is fast approaching or you need your service password reset, this is the fast, easy method to make a password change. Don’t forget to keep your new password written somewhere safe and make sure you change it regularly.

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