How Data Regulations Are Affecting the Legal Industry

Keeping data secure is a major concern for any business, as a data breach could prove disastrous. This is especially the case for any organization that handles client information. That’s why any business that deals with data needs to exercise strong cybersecurity measures to keep data safe and secure. Law firms, in particular, have a greater responsibility to protect data than most businesses.

Think about it, the legal sector manages a lot of information. Not only do they control their own company data, but they’re also entrusted with the sensitive information of their clients – financial details, billing records, litigation details – the list goes on… As such, the legal industry is obligated to comply with certain standards and regulations to ensure privacy.


It’s a given that law firms need to take every precaution to protect sensitive data. However, maintaining compliance with data security regulations is harder than it sounds. With all the information law firms manage, it can be confusing as to what regulations do or don’t apply. For example, depending on the situation, a lawyer may need to comply with health or financial information regulations. It also doesn’t help if the information is stored in multiple locations, such as onsite, in the cloud, in other offices, or in all three of those places.


The greatest challenge facing most law firms is maintaining the necessary level of security while also keeping data available to those who need access to it. It’s not a question of simply achieving compliance, but achieving and maintaining it. The truth is, compliance rules are always shifting as new technologies emerge, businesses evolve, and clients change. As such, law firms need to adopt a continuous compliance strategy that allows them to adapt to new rules. While this can be expensive and difficult, managed IT providers have proven to be helpful and cost-effective in this area.


Many businesses rely on cloud services for IT compliance because of their convenience. With a cloud-based platform, law firms can consolidate all their compliance data into one place. Simplifying operations also helps streamline workflows, which can help cut down on costs. In addition, cloud technology can continuously pull information and check it against controls set in place to identify non-conformities.


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