Forget “Set It and Forget It” When It Comes To IT Security

Remember to Feed IT

The concept of “nurturing” is all too often a foreign one when it comes to IT Security, particularly with small businesses and start-ups.  This is sometimes the case because it typically isn’t one of the sexier aspects of a business, and other times it is related to overall cost concerns.  Whatever the reason, neglecting your business or organization’s network security is a mistake you cannot afford to make.  This is more true today than ever before.

Using the analogy of “growing your business,” company leadership must think of its IT infrastructure and corresponding IT security solutions in much the same way.  Yet the necessary care and feeding of network security solutions are seldom championed in the way that they should be.  That is, until a cyber attack or security disaster occurs.  Hindsight is never the easiest or recommended way to achieve 20/20 vision; after all, “vision” is a forward-thinking concept.


Make Sure the Plan You Think You Have In Place Is Actually a Plan

The world can be scary these days, and the ease and proliferation of security breaches are just one more potential headache that you should not have to worry about.  As the pandemic resulted in an exponential increase in remote work, many businesses realized they did not have adequate IT security solutions in place to accommodate the shift.   In addition to the ramifications of a pandemic that has not entirely disappeared, we now have the very real prospect of ongoing conflicts in the world that involve very bad actors who would like nothing more than to inflict additional pain on our economies.  This level of chaos has not been experienced in decades, which increases the probability that a cybersecurity attack WILL occur (not IF one will occur).


Be More Innovative Than the Attackers

Areas like Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Dallas, and other renowned tech centers pride themselves on innovation, and so do the hackers.  Threats to an organization’s IT security are forever evolving, just like technology itself.  That’s why it is imperative that the organization consistently review its data and technology processes, policies and infrastructure to ensure that it is all beyond reproach – and approach.

Many IT security breaches are a result of security vulnerabilities that may have even been previously identified, yet they were never addressed and remained uncorrected.  Aside from technology weaknesses, there are also human errors and sometimes more malicious internal user behavior that lead to attacks.  Regardless of the source and whether intentional, unintentional, or a matter of neglect, a business or organization simply cannot provide hackers with free reign to access its most sensitive data.  


The Bottom Line

Fortunately, sound IT security services do exist and can even be outsourced to fill any gaps so that your internal team can take care of day-to-day business.  Don’t let security risks or lack of feeding and nurturing your IT security preparedness level threaten your business.  ITque offers boutique quality IT services and network security solutions that enable you to remain focused on your business or organization’s overall growth.  Now that we have planted the seed, let us demonstrate how we can provide IT security services that easily and affordably make sense.  We think you’ll sleep better at night.