Encrypting Your Emails With Reflexion

A major threat to your company’s security is the use of email. In 2015 alone there were over 205 billion emails sent a day. Your business communicates and collaborates mainly through your email system and this means that in order to protect your intellectual property, protect your customers, and keep your employees safe, you need to have an email management and automation solution that is simple to use and completely secure.ITque partners with Reflexion, a Sophos company that leads the industry in security and performance.


Control incoming messages – Our anti-spam and email security solution can be configured to handle your unique business environment and address your individual concerns. Incoming email control will identify and block spam, viruses, and volume-based email attacks before they reach your network. Automated inbound email queuing keeps email constant in case your local server goes out.

Intercept phishing attacks – The ability to identify and quarantine emails that contains malware primarily lies with the user that received the mail, but Reflexion will give them a reminder not to open an attachment they are not expecting or from an unknown source.

Protect outgoing messages – Outbound email filtering from Reflexion will block inappropriate content according to customizable filters and scan attachments. This protects your brand reputation and helps avoid IP address blacklisting.

Easily archive and recover messages – An easily searchable archive of messages is important to your business for many reasons. You should have the ability to recover locally deleted messages or misplaced messages. We also feature eDiscovery features to respond to discovery requests for legal cases.

Safe email encryption – All email needs to be encrypted to prevent the message being read by prying eyes. With our Reflexion encryption tools you can easily ensure privacy and meet regulatory compliance with cost-effective email encryption. Our solution supports HIPAA email compliance including FINRA, GLBA, PHI, PII, and many more. This encryption method is seamless, secure and requires no change in end user behavior.

Be able to email during an outage – If you experience a disruption to your internet services or if you are faced with a natural disaster that prevents normal business operation, Reflexion continuity services will allow you to keep things running. Access your email and continue operations during an outage with total send and receive abilities. You will have access to a 60-day rolling archive of emails to maintain continuity during an outage. Works with normal filtering services for a complete business email solution.


Communication is key to running a business properly. Your employees depend on email to handle a number of business functions either in the office or out. The ability to access your email inbox and send and receive emails from anywhere, safely will empower your employees to do their jobs on their own time. Our business email solutions will streamline your email process and make sure it is safe and easy to use at anytime. Contact us today!

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