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Cloud Migration Services

Moving your data to the cloud doesn’t need to be stressful.

Moving Your Data To The Cloud

One of the most important IT innovations in recent years is the development of the cloud and cloud computing. Instead of storing and backing up data on site, companies are instead migrating data in a remote database that is owned and maintained by a third-party, better known as the cloud. The physical storage for a cloud service spans multiple servers and in some cases various locations to mitigate the risk of data loss.

On the surface this seems to go against logic, as you want your sensitive data, such as financial records, logistics, employee records, and institutional knowledge, to remain close, but in-house computing systems are a cost you can avoid. With so many advantages of migrating your data to a cloud-based system, businesses today can take advantage of many helpful benefits.

Migrating to the cloud isn't difficult,

you just need the right partner.

Benefits to Migrating to the Cloud

  • Convenience – Your data is available wherever you have internet access. You are not tied to a specific location or even a single device.
  • Lower IT Expenses – A cloud-based system requires no expensive servers or software, and fewer IT systems and hardware means less capital spent.
  • Scalability – Your use is based on the size and IT needs of your business. You can scale up as you grow or scale back when business is slow.
  • Security – Cloud computing allows you to access your data if there is an on-site system failure. Your vital business systems will be protected from loss at all times.
  • Ease of Implementation – You can get your company started with cloud computing in as little as 30 days.

Deciding to migrate your data to the cloud is a cost-effective, proactive IT solution. The company you choose to handle your information must be knowledgeable, safe, and trustworthy. We specialize in managing data properly and securely and understand that it is critical that your transformation to cloud computing is handled the right way. ITque will be your partner throughout the process. Call us today to discuss how we can get you started saving money, securing your vital business data, and streamlining your IT.