The Value of Hiring an MSP and What It Means

MSP (Managed Service Provider) = SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Imagine finding yourself in a situation in which your business is suddenly faced with a massive security threat, and the only two internal resources to handle it are the same ones that routinely rescue the graphic designer in the marketing department from a battle with the printer. Although this may seem like an extreme example, it is nonetheless a realistic one in today’s more complex business operations, particularly for smaller and growing organizations.


The benefits of IT consulting firms (MSPs) far outweigh their cost, which are surprisingly efficient when compared to maintaining even just an adequate internal IT department. Hiring IT consultants means you have 24x7x365 access to the best and brightest talent in a transformative field that is constantly evolving. The extensive knowledge base an Information Technology Consultant brings to the table will keep your organization competitive, innovative, safe, and at the forefront of – yes – technology.


Hire IT Consultants So That You Can Stay In Your Lane.

Often smaller businesses or those in growth mode rely on existing staff to be jacks of all trade and pitch in wherever necessary to get the job done, regardless of their department. This is a dangerous mindset for an organization to rely on and one that can lead even its IT professionals who may specialize in a certain area to quickly become overwhelmed. An IT consulting firm not only brings a new perspective to your business needs and IT infrastructure, but also a laser focus on cutting edge technologies and best practices that may well lead to increased productivity, cost efficiencies (which may include staffing/benefits), and an improved bottom line. This will enable you and your team to operate at your best doing what you do best, confident that you have all of the right business tools, technologies and infrastructure in place to optimize your business objectives.


Whoever Said, “There Is No ‘I’ In Team” May Have Gotten It Wrong.

When you engage the right IT consulting firm, you don’t just hire an IT consultant (singularly). You hire a subject matter team that offers extraordinary proficiency in the one area you simply cannot afford to short-change. One of the many benefits of IT consulting agencies is that they collectively represent a knowledge base that transcends numerous industries and projects, and they bring this wealth of experience to your business.


Hiring IT consultants doesn’t mean they operate in a vacuum, however. The best information technology consultants operate as an extension of your internal teams throughout the organization, as IT touches and impacts essentially every single department in your organization. Think of it as your “ITeam.”  


As such, it will likely make the most sense for you to structure the agency relationship on a retainer, or flat fee, basis when you hire IT consultants. It is a more straightforward, current approach that will alleviate a lot of guesswork as far as fees are concerned, simplifying your budgeting process. 


Make ITque Part Of Your IT Team.

When you hire IT consultants, you’re making an investment that can have far-reaching implications to your future growth.  When your team partners with ITque, we take your business personally, offering you boutique quality, enterprise class managed IT services that can have a positive return on your investment in more ways than one.  Providing customized solutions that match each client’s unique needs, our results take into consideration the delicate balance between security, usability and privacy.