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If you really want to get the most out of your infrastructure, consider setting up an information technology audit with an experienced professional.

When you hear the phrase “audit” what normally comes to mind? Chances are that you aren’t thinking about managed IT support. Now, what about cybersecurity? Probably not, right? More often than not, most people associate auditing services with financial services. While this is true, that’s not the only thing it is good for. In a world dominated by virtual technology, it’s important to make sure that your infrastructure is always running safely and optimally. One way to do this is to perform an information technology audit (IT audit) with the help of a trusted professional.

An IT audit can give your company an in-depth look at how their technology is performing. It determines your intellectual property is working effectively or not. By working with a trusted managed service provider (MSP) like ITque, you’ll be able to identify how just how efficiently your IT system is performing.

Most IT audits are very comprehensive procedures, but they are extremely beneficial in the long-run. This may make people feel uneasy at first, but the IT auditing specialist will help open more opportunities for companies to take advantage of over time.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider getting your infrastructure audited by a professional MSP:

Keeps Data Secure:

It’s easier to protect sensitive data after your IT system has undergone an audit. Internal audits measure three important sets of criteria. This includes the availability, integrity, and security of your infrastructure. Once you identify any risks associated with these criteria sets, you are able to discover and fill any existing gaps within your network.

Reduces Future IT-Related Risks:

Even the strongest IT systems are susceptible to threats. IT audits expose business owners to vulnerabilities that they might not be aware of. If your business is constantly dealing with network inefficiencies, but you don’t know where the source of the problem is, then an IT audit might be the ideal solution for you. This helps business owners assure that they are operating with equipment that is at the lowest risk of enduring a cyber attack.

Grants Users More Control:

IT audits don’t just give you the ability to assess risks, but they also help you bolster more control over your IT system. If you are experiencing disruptions with your infrastructure, you may be losing control over certain functions and applications. Running an IT audit is a great way to put you back in the driver seat so you can take full advantage of your entire infrastructure. You’ll be able to restructure the framework of your IT system so can utilize tools that are highly-functional for the entire workforce.

Improves Mobile Support:

An IT audit is an MSP solution that rewards users with more mobile support over time. If you have the ability to access files and sets of data through a mobile infrastructure, then you are working with a very flexible network. Be careful with this extra flexibility though, because it poses more risk for cybersecurity attacks. Hackers can invade a mobile network as easily as a traditional desktop. Running an IT audit gives you the ability to strengthen this portion of your network, making it safer and more efficient for employees to access data with wireless devices.

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