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Hybrid MSP Solution

24/7/365 monitoring and alerting with Next Generation Endpoint Security keep your systems safe with our Hybrid MSP Solution.

Hybrid MSP Solutions

How do you know if your IT is working correctly? It’s easy and straightforward with ITque’s Hybrid MSP Solution. Our Hybrid MSP solution works as your 24/7 Monitoring and Alert solution for when problems arise. Instead of hoping you catch something terrible happening in your IT infrastructure, you can rely on ITque’s software agent that monitors all your workstations, servers, mobile business devices, and other endpoints you want to be monitored and managed. All of this secure information is fed through our agent to notify us if something has happened to your system.


Benefits of ITque’s Hybrid MSP Solution

The benefit to ITque’s Hybrid MSP Solution is you let us know what you want to be handled. Your system is monitored by:

  • Gathering information on software, hardware, and networks
  • Supplying activity reports and data
  • Creating alerts and tickets for problems as they happen
  • Tracking network and device health and performance
  • Monitoring multiple endpoints at all times
  • Alerting ITque to schedule routine maintenance tasks

You are in control at all times. When ITque is notified of a problem, you decide on how we solve the problem. You control what your monthly bill will be by authorizing fixes on any monitored endpoint.

Complete monitoring and activity reports

help you decide what issue to address first.

Adding Anti-Virus Protection

As an added layer of protection, our Next-Generation Endpoint Security is available to our clients to protect their IT assets better than ever before. ITque recommends only enterprise-grade endpoint protection instead of any of the many consumer offerings.


How Much Is ITque’s Hybrid MSP Solution?

Our low monthly fee covers 24/7 monitoring and alerts as well as endpoint security using a variety of enterprise-grade tools and products. Should any problems arise, ITque will provide you with a summary of the issue as well as an estimate to fix it. Once you approve the estimate, ITque will take care of the issue. You are always kept up to date on billing and can make the best decisions for your business with full transparency. As your IT department, we understand how important it is to stay on budget but also, how important it is for your IT to run correctly. We are here as an extension of your business to help you make those tough decisions if and when they arise.