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Your IT environment is at the center of your business operations. When your technology isn’t working the way it should, disruptions are sure to follow. Rather than take a reactive approach, why not get ahead of potential problems and take a proactive approach? Creating an IT audit checklist for information systems can help minimize the possibility of disruptions.

If you have ever attempted to perform an IT audit for your business, then you know how daunting a task it can seem. But, protecting your network from incoming threats makes the whole process worthwhile.

A Complete IT Audit Checklist

A typical tech audit checklist will include items like IT security, backups, and equipment performance. It also includes a cost/benefit analysis on servers and applications, which can help determine what cloud—private, public, hybrid—solution works best for your business. However, that’s only part of the equation.

These common checklist items mostly concentrate on what equipment is being used and how it’s being used. A proper comprehensive IT system audit checklist, however, should also pay attention to who is using the technology and why they are using it. When you break it down, your network, servers, computers, and other equipment are just tools. The people who use these tools make up your company.

Think about it like this—having the fastest and most secure network in the world doesn’t mean a thing if the people using it aren’t getting what they need. Focusing only on the “what”s and “how”s won’t provide the desired results. An IT audit should consider the company first, then the tools.

Questions You Should Ask

  • Are IT security processes creating delays in accessing data? Is it slowing down your top performing staff? Or do they just need some training?
  • Is “executive privilege” being invoked to sidestep IT security? If this is happening (this is often the case) is the risk to the company acceptable?
  • Are your IoT (Internet of Things) devices being properly managed and factored into network performance and security? (90% of the time they are not.)
  • Are staff working with slow or sub-standard software or hardware? Or is there a legitimate reason for what appears to be an antiquated process? Will upgrading one older process break five others?
  • Are your staff members (at every level of the company) encouraged to get help for technical issues and do they know how to get that help? Does your staff truly feel comfortable getting IT help? (This is an important question that you’ll need to learn the answer to. It may require some digging.)

Request Assistance

As mentioned previously, creating an IT audit checklist then doing it on your own can be a little intimidating if you don’t know what to do. Fortunately, you don’t have to. If you’re not confident in your ability to perform a comprehensive IT audit on your business, you can get help from a third-party IT vendor like ITque. ITque can take you through all the important steps and we’ll help you secure your infrastructure.

The way we approach IT audits is a little different from our competitors, but our process has proven to be more effective. Unlike other providers, our highly trained technicians work with your staff in-person to understand who is using your IT, why they are using it, what equipment is being used, and how it’s being used. From there, we’re able to analyze and evaluate your IT environment identifying potential problems that can be fixed.

IT Solutions With ITque

If your business needs to perform an information system audit checklist, reach out to ITque. Our expert team consists of certified specialists and we’ll ensure you’re able to keep a firm grip on your information. We also offer a wide array of other IT solutions designed to optimize your business for optimal efficiency, productivity, and security. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your business goals.