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Server Virtualization

Server virtualization allows multiple “virtual servers” to run on a single hardware server providing a cost-effective, superior performing, and more secure network.

Limitless Virtualization

At ITque, we specialize in offering virtualization and cloud computing solutions that improve data backup and recovery while streamlining how your server functions. Virtualizing is the perfect way to bring your office into the future—with unparalleled storage capacity and a more efficient server, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish with ITque.

Benefits of Server Virtualization

Reduce costs, speed up performance, and improve data security.

What is a virtual server?

A virtual server shares hardware and software with other virtual servers and operating systems and is one of the easiest ways to: 

  • Reduce Costs — Optimizing your server reduces the need for additional servers as your business grows.
  • Speed Up Performance — Programs, applications, and files will load faster so your employees will be more efficient than ever.
  • Improve Data Backup Solutions Disasters can be devastating for any business. Server virtualization makes it easy to move a virtual server (or several) from one hardware server to another to get you back up and running quickly and easily.

ITque’s cutting-edge server virtualization is proven to help businesses increase productivity and cut costs while keeping your data stored safely for future use. Our comprehensive service is the best way to set your business up for success and steer clear of any roadblocks that a physical server just can’t avoid.

The best time to start planning for the future is right now. For a streamlined, cost-effective, and safer solution for your current operating system, reach out to ITque today. We’re here to help you get to where you want to be.