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IT Project Management

Let ITque handle your IT projects so your internal staff can focus on the day-to-day needs.

Company IT Projects

Do you foresee your company needing to do any of the following in the coming months or years?

  • Moving your business location
  • Migrating information between systems
  • Configuring network upgrades
  • Installing new hardware
  • Virtualizing rollouts
  • Migrating to the cloud

The work involved with beginning and managing an IT project all the way through to completion can be a daunting task. Each project is unique and the amount of work, logistics, and planning that are involved in accomplishing a singular goal can easily overwhelm even the most capable in-house IT support staff. In fact, you may have already begun working on a project before you realize you don’t have enough manpower.

In addition to the mundane problems and delays that can cause a project to fail, other factors can affect the project. Advances in technology during execution, unknown dependent relationships between hardware, software, and network infrastructure, or complications arising from training and implementation. How do you accomplish the IT projects that need to be completed to help your business grow?

ITque Project Management

offers the ability to hire the manpower and extra time you need.

IT Project Planning

ITque will take ownership of managing your project from start to finish.  Our knowledge comes from a number of different areas including scope, procurement, risk management, time, cost assessment, integration, and communications. Our experts will apply our “Four A Approach” to each phase of your project’s life cycle.

Initiation – The project goal is identified, the project manager is assigned, and the project charter is created.

Planning – The project team works to assess cost, logistics, and time needs and plans all the required steps through to conclusion. These steps are flexible and planning will continue throughout the project.

Execution – The team works to create the deliverables and fulfill the project plan.

Monitoring – This is an ongoing process and crucial to the overall success of the project. The project manager will audit the work for quality, risk, cost, scope, time, and other factors to make sure things are on the right track.

Completion – The project is audited again to make sure all the goals decided upon in planning have been met.  Once the work has been approved, the team is ready to turn the finished product over to operations.

A project is a necessary means to improve your business and processes and doesn’t have to be a headache, especially when you have someone you trust guiding the process to a successful end. Let ITque be your partner on your next IT project.