Legal & Professional Services

We provide law firm IT services to keep sensitive information safe and secure. The legal industry handles more sensitive data than most other businesses—not only their own data but also the data of their clients. This puts law firms at an increased risk of data breaches, as hackers see these entities as big targets.

Clients trust that the law firms that represent them will keep their confidential information secure. This is why it’s necessary for law firms to invest heavily in network security solutions. At ITque, we offer comprehensive IT services that are specially catered to the legal sector.


The Importance of Legal IT Services

More and more law firms are moving their computer networks over to the cloud. Since these entities accumulate confidential and classified information, a data breach would be disastrous. For this reason, every law firm should have a solid threat management plan in place. To solve this issue, many law firms rely on solutions offered by a network security provider such as ITque.

Why Lawyers Are Moving to the Cloud

The cloud offers many advantages over on-premise software, but for the legal industry, the most important advantage is security. The ability to store and back up information on multiple remote servers in different locations helps to lower the chances of losing client data.

Having solid IT services in place can take the stress off you and give you more time to focus on the client.

ITque has the stress-free solutions you are looking for.

Information Security Tools and Techniques

Proper enterprise security requires a multilevel approach that can keep you protected from every angle. For this, we provide a plethora of tools and security techniques to keep your servers free of malicious software.

What we offer:

  • Email security: Email is one of the most common pathways to infection. We’ll encrypt your email data to keep your network safe.
  • Endpoint security: Endpoint security monitors the status, software, and activities of remote devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets that access your network.
  • Network security: The protection of your network is our priority. That’s why we offer real-time monitoring and scanning to provide continuous, up-to-date solutions.
  • Data backup and protection: We provide a boost to your cloud security by offering data backup and protection. With this approach, we create multiple layers of protection so your security is never breached and business is never interrupted.
  • Access control and auditing: Only individuals you trust should have access to your sensitive information, so only employees you designate have access to your data.
  • Compliance: ITque understands the many compliance requirements law firms face regarding their technology, network and the secure and confidential handling of critical data.

ITque has more than a dozen Northern California legal firm clients, so we know all the ins and outs to make sure your law firm is compliant.

ITque manages the IT needs of more than 100 Northern California small and mid-sized business clients. ITque technicians have more than 120 years of combined IT experience under their belts, so they can handle almost any IT situation.

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