Simplifying IT services across the healthcare industry.

Simplifying IT Services Across the Healthcare Industry

IT is constantly evolving, meaning that you always need to stay on top of your IT so it is operating optimally and within the compliance regulations for your industry. The medical industry holds important patient information along with information about staffing processes, billing information, and more. No matter where you fit in the medical industry, your business needs to have secure, proactive IT that can keep up with the daily tide of data that streams in. ITque specializes in IT solutions for professional services organizations in the medical, dental, financial, legal and other industries, giving you options for secure data centers, disaster recovery and anything in between.

Our services include:

Keeping client records in order, patient data safe, and schedules on time is a difficult task.

IT from ITque will keep you fully functional. We offer solutions that can keep you protected, compliant, and ahead of the curve.

Curing the Healthcare IT Dilemma

A healthcare organization is responsible for storing sensitive health and personal data on all of their patients along with data about the organization and important processes and software for day-to-day functions. Keeping your business in order can be a struggle with the many aspects of IT that you need to consider.

ITque has dozens of professional services and healthcare clients and is armed with the right technology solutions to keep your practice secure, compliant and running smoothly. Leave the tough IT situations to us; our full range of solutions can handle any situation with precision and speed.

Dental IT Hygiene

Dentistry is under similar constraints to others in the healthcare industry, namely the staggering amount of information they must keep available and how to securely store it. Dentistry is constantly evolving, with new technology taking the foreground every day. IT is able to integrate with x-rays and other dental technology and software such as Dentrix Ascend, iDentalSoft, and others. Even if you already understand how to handle your IT, we can still help you set up and integrate your technology. Managing this new technology requires having systems and services in place to make sure that it runs smoothly as soon as it is implemented. ITque helps you put your IT in place and get it up and running seamlessly. We also help you maintain your servers, prepare for potential issues, and make sure that your system integration goes as smoothly as possible.

Dermatology Solutions

Planning appointments, keeping medical records, setting up treatments—dermatology has a lot of moving parts that make IT a necessary cornerstone. Our IT consulting services, data protection, and cloud solutions can accommodate any system or service you might have to keep clients happy and keep your practice running smoother than the skin on the back of a baby’s neck.

ITque Knows IT

No matter what you might be dealing with or what your IT systems look like, there is always a solution. You don’t need to stress about how to best manage your IT either; you have professionals in the wings who can manage that for you with no problem. We can help any aspect of the healthcare industry, from dental, dermatology, medical and beyond, find their perfect IT fit, offering solutions that make a distinct impact on their day-to-day life. ITque brings professional IT services and solutions to any business in the healthcare industry that needs it.

If you need expert IT opinions and answers in the Bay Area, contact ITque today at 408.500.0724.