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Office Relocation

Moving is hard – let ITque do the heavy lifting (for your technology).

IT Infrastructure Relocation

Minimize the stress of relocating your office with ITque’s server relocations and IT relocation services. The transition to your new space should be as smooth as possible, so nothing gets lost in the shuffle and all your technology should be ready to go once you arrive at your new location. ITque works with your internal teams, buildout teams, and other vendors to ensure cabling and power are located optimally in your new space. Your new office will be clutter-free and efficiently constructed to minimize potential roadblocks and get you on the right track right away.

Network Relocation

To get you up and running, you need to bring your network with you. Simplifying this process requires an expert hand to guide you and ITque is the perfect solution. We know how to carefully move a server room, prepare a relocation process that keeps our client’s interests at heart, and provide professional office movers for an expert network relocation.

Server Room Relocation

As you undergo your office move, keeping track of every asset under your care can be an arduous task. Simplify your move with the help of ITque. We assist you in creating a comprehensive server relocation checklist, setting up the correct moving process, and ensuring your data center relocation happens without incident.

Technology Relocation

ITque’s technology relocation services ensure you have a competent move manager at the helm to keep your move going smoothly. From physically moving any of your equipment to acting as a move coordinator and keeping everything in order, you can rely on ITque to handle your technology relocation efforts. Moving office locations has never been this easy.

Don't know where all those wires go?

We have you covered from packing to installing and set-up.

Our Office Technology Relocation and Expansion Package Includes:

  • Server, workstation, printer, and router preparation for seamless transport and setup.
  • Packing and tagging for your IT equipment.
  • Equipment and technology purchasing if required.
  • Collaboration with current technology vendors (phone, internet, etc.) to ensure technology services are available upon arrival.
  • Transportation of servers, switches, firewalls, routers, and other networking equipment for safe delivery.
  • Setup and testing of all moved technology to ensure a smooth transition.

With so many moving parts, it’s easy to let relocation disturb workflow. It’s vital that your move is as uneventful as possible, so you can pick up right from where you left off. Don’t let moving decrease productivity and cause a work disruption. With ITque’s office relocation, server relocation and IT relocation services, you’ll be able to jump right back in and make your new environment the office you’ve always dreamed of having. See how you can prepare your new office with ITque’s Technology Relocation and Expansion Package.

If you’re interested, contact ITque today to start your seamless office relocation.