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4 A’s Concierge Service

Personalized service for your business with our 4 A’s Concierge Service

The Premier San Jose Managed Service Provider

We understand that changing IT providers is a daunting task. There are all sorts of unknowns, and many times, a large, up-front bill to pay just to get started. ITque’s exclusive “4 A’s Concierge Service” is different. This process was developed specifically to work with what IT structure you initially have, and then, as we get familiar with your IT environment, we make suggestions to improve your equipment, software, and processes. Our innovative approach is a proven path for a successful transition, and it starts with the 4 A’s:


We perform a personal on-site review of your existing technology infrastructure to identify any risks or issues that might exist undetected. We’ll also discuss any business issues you’d like to address but don’t have the time or internal resources to handle. The results of our assessment will be presented in an easy to understand proposal that outlines projects and services to improve the efficiency and assume management of your IT infrastructure.


When you decide to partner with ITque, we will begin to transition and assume the management of your IT infrastructure. This transition process allows us to implement immediate changes to improve the stability and security of your IT environment, all while working with your current technology and processes until we work together to devise the best strategy for the future of your IT infrastructure.

The 4 A's of ITque

Allow us to help our clients, unlike any other IT company.


After we assume management of your IT environment, we will begin looking for opportunities to adjust controls and processes to improve your company’s efficiency, productivity, security, and data protection. We will continue to propose adjustments to meets the needs of your business. As your IT department, we are a partner in business and will work to earn your trust. Helping you find the best network, hardware, and structure for your IT is how we’ll help your business be more productive.


The IT landscape is continually evolving, which means our job is never done. We will partner with you determine how you can augment your current IT infrastructure with the latest tools and resources available. Augmenting your IT infrastructure with new equipment, software, and other tools will help you meet the demands of your growing business and increase the productivity of your employees.

As an extension of your business, we are proud to offer you the IT service San Jose businesses need to be productive. Don’t just take our word for it, let us give you a free audit to show you our capabilities and customer-service.