Managed Services Hourly Breakdown

Managed IT Services for Under $10 Per Hour?

Managed Services Primer

We need to explain this, before we show you how we get “under $10/hour”

Managed IT Services is a revolution in the IT business that benefits small and mid-sized businesses in many ways. The basic idea of managed services is simple: instead of buying hardware and software for your business and then paying for someone to fix issues when they arise, all of the equipment and services are bundled into a consistent monthly fee that varies only when new equipment, services or employees are added.

One Monthly Fee?

Yes. A single, monthly fee covers everything and you can call us anytime (if you have our 24/7 package). Even if you don’t opt for the 24/7 package, you can call us anytime during normal business hours and we will fix the issue remotely, or we’ll “roll the truck” and send a technician onsite to fix the issue.


We just started working with a local company; they have half a dozen computers, a wireless network, no server and a very rudimentary backup regimen. The initial project required us to:

  • Upgrade a couple of their computers
  • Upgrade their wireless network
  • Install a comprehensive Backup & Recovery solution
  • Install a new server to centralize their software, data and other information

Instead of asking them to write a check for thousands of dollars for the new equipment, we simply set them up as an MSP client and they pay us about $800/month to take care of everything for them – EVERYTHING. Their monthly fee not only includes our technical support services, but also includes the cost for their new workstations and their new server. Again, instead of buying their new equipment, they simply rolled it all into their monthly payment, so they didn’t have to write a big check.  But that’s not even the best part. Read on…

Free Every Three

The best part of the Managed Services program, however, is the automatic equipment upgrades every three years. That’s right, every three years this client will get a new server and the two computers in the above example, but they will still only pay us their regular monthly fee. There may be some small charge to setup and install the new server & workstations and migrate everything over, but other than that, they know exactly what their monthly IT expense will be.

Under $10 Per Hour?

Yes. Depending on the Managed Service Plan you have, you will pay well under $10/hr. Here’s how we calculate this:

Let’s say you opt for our standard Managed Services package. This means we are on-call for you from 8AM to 6PM Monday through Friday. That works out to 50 hours per week and about 200 hours per month. If you are the company in the example above, and pay $800/month for the package, here’s the math:

$800/Mo. ÷ 200 Hours/Mo. of Availability = $4 per hour

Weigh these numbers against hiring a full-time IT person, or paying other companies $50, $75, $100 or more per hour to come and fix problems when they occur, and you can immediately see the benefits of a Managed IT Services Package from ITque.

To find out more about how we can help your small business for under $10/hour, call 408.641.7030.


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