FREE IT Review

Free IT Review Details

They say the best things in life are free – we agree.  Simply complete the form on this page, or give us a call and we will begin your FREE IT REVIEW, which includes: 

  • Free introductory 30-minute phone consultation
  • Free 60-120 minute on-site technology audit including:
    • Discussion of your business, IT needs, IT concerns
    • Visual inspection of on-premise computers, servers, network, etc.
    • On the spot notification of any immediate security or other threats
    • Free IT Report – One of the following:
      • Security and Penetration Analysis Report OR
      • IT Health Status Report
    • ITque analysis of your FREE report – not raw data, actionable information

And remember, there is no charge and no obligation for your FREE IT REVIEW. 

Call Us Right Now – 408.641.7030


$995 value based on value of 30 minute call, 60-120 minute on-site visit, travel to site, setting up and generating free report, time spent analyzing and presenting report data. 


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