FREE IT Review

Free IT Review

ITque’s FREE IT Review Can Be Your First Step Toward IT Independence.

The number one reason most of our clients engage with ITque is because they don’t want to deal with IT issues internally.

Do you fall into one of these categories:

  1. You, the business owner or manager, take care of your IT issues before, after (and sometimes during) business hours.
  2. You delegate your office manager or technical person that works for you to take care of any IT issues as they arise.
  3. Your step-uncle’s third cousin knows something about computers, so you call her when you have IT problems.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, think of how much time and energy you are diverting from your business. Let ITque help. We have a variety of custom-fit IT packages that allow you to call or email us whenever you have a problem. It’s like having your own IT department, but without the huge capital expenditure.

ITque’s FREE IT REVIEW (a $995 Value**) includes: 

  1. Free introductory 30-minute phone consultation
  2. Free 60-120 minute on-site technology audit including:
    • Discussion of any IT issues and problems you are trying to solve
    • Analysis of any business issues you are trying to solve with technology
    • Visual inspection of on-premise computers, servers, network, etc.
    • On the spot notification of any immediate security or other threats
    • Free IT Report – One of the following:
      1. Security and Penetration Analysis Report OR
      2. IT Health Status Report
    1. ITque analysis of your FREE report – not raw data, actionable information

And remember, there is no charge and no obligation for your FREE IT REVIEW. 

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**$995 value based on value of 30 minute call, 60-120 minute on-site visit, travel to site, setting up and generating free report, time spent analyzing and presenting report data. 

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